Home and School

Event and Activity Descriptions

Volunteer Opportunities


o   Day of:  donut and water distribution in classrooms during walk-a-thon


Donuts with Dad

o   Prior to:  Set-up

o   Day of:  Greeters, food and beverage servers, clean-up


Father-Daughter Dance

o   Prior to: decorations, invitations and response tracking

o   Day of: decorating, donation of snacks for Dads and Daughters, set-up and organizing

o   Event: Food and beverage set-up and serving, Photos,

o   Check-in,  and Clean-up


Simple Supper

o   Prior to:  set-up, food donation (for soup), water donation, pick up bread

o   During Event:  set-up during Mass, serving soup during supper, collecting donations,

o   Clean-up

Santa Shop

o   Prior to: set up on December 3

o   Day of:  Gift wrapping, Shoppers (assisting younger students), Clean up, Cashiers, Decorating Ornaments


 Saint Patrick’s Day Bingo

o   Day of:  Set up after school, Bake Table Contributions, Bake Tables Sales, Check in, and Clean up


Mornings with Mom

o   (Preferably Dads so that Moms may enjoy the event)

o   Prior to:  Set-up

o   Day of:  Greeters, food and beverage servers, clean-up


May Fair

o   Prior to: May Fair Committee (help with planning and organization of event), Set up on May 12

o   Day of:  Early morning set-up, game booth volunteers, Prize Table, Food Tables, Lunch crew, Clean up

Fundraising Events

Mission Statement



Home & School Board


President:  Patti Mack

Vice President:  Jen Lynch

Secretary:  Michelle Brogan

Treasurer:  Stephanie Donley


Board Members

Patti Byrne

Betsy Creel

Judy DeLello

Maureen Dever

Carolyn Dittrich

Jenn Guarnaccia

Lisa Hasson

Maebel McFadden

Diane Moore

Chrissy Repko

Meredith Smalley

Randi Stout

Daphne Tantalo

Ann Winkowski

Meg Yezzi