Welcome to KG!

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

  • Our Saint Patrick’s Day party will be on Friday, March 15; thank you to those who signed up
  • There will be a dress down day for Saint Patrick’s Day on Friday, March 15; more details to follow
  • PECO’s presentation of Conservation Caper will be Tuesday, March 19
  • Our kindergarten liturgy will be on Tuesday, March 26 in the church; all are welcome to attend

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Computer 9:15-10:00

Wednesday: Music

Thursday: Gym

Friday: Library: 1:55-2:40

Week of Monday, March 11, 2019

Welcome to a new week in KG! It is going to be another fun and busy week. Our new letter is Hh; our alphafriend is Hattie Horse. We will continue to build words with the short a,i, o, and e in the middle of CVC words, consonant-vowel-consonant words. Our new words this week are then, ate, and could. Our Lesson Topic this week is How Things Grow. In ELA, with phonological awareness, we will blend and segment phonemes and substitute phonemes. In comprehension, we will focus on sequence of events, text and graphic features and visualize. In language, we will focus on context clues and in grammar, we will focus on proper nouns for days and months.  In Math, we will continue with Chapter 8: Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond; we will count to tell the number of objects, know number names and the count sequence, and compare numbers. In Religion, we will work on Chapter 20: Lent; we will learn that Lent is a special time of prayer and loving God and others. We will learn about Saint Patrick. Please practice addresses, phone numbers, and tying shoes.

 It will be a great week in KG!


Please visit the Mathletics website several times a week; this is a great website with great games to play to reinforce our Math skills

Tuesday: Please bring in 2 pictures that begin with the letter Hh; they may be from the computer, magazine, or drawn; word cards; ELA worksheet

Wednesday: Math sheets

Thursday: copybook; word cards


Poster of the Week Schedule for March:

3/4: Mylah

3/11: Cael

3/18: Vivienne

3/25: Arjun



Class List:


Luca Addesso

Brayden Brandt

Adrian Bruno

Jacob Choi

Brady Doran

Ben Guenther

Arjun Jairam

Cael Kocher

Cole Moore

Gerad Mueller

Macallen Munro

Jack Santana


Mylah Barkmeyer

Brooklynn Bear

Anna Filoreto

Shannon James

Quinn Pantaleo

Molly Richer

Alyssa Tedesco

Giovanna van Dam

Vivienne Williams