Merry Christmas!!!!!

We WILL have Show Choir 12/18

and Chorus 12/20

The Chorus is to sing for the following events:

  • November 19th : Thanksgiving Liturgy, 6pm
  • December 3rd : First Reconciliation, 7pm
  • December 16th: St. Helena Church Concert, 4pm
  • January 27th : Liturgy for Catholic Schools Week, 11am
  • March 22nd, 23rd, 24th: Dinner Theatre
  • May 4th: First Holy Communion, 10:30
  • May 6th: May Procession, 7pm
  • May 13th, 14th : Arts Festival, 7pm
  • June 11th : Graduation, 6pm

 Dinner Theatre Rehearsals

  • February 23rd 9-1, 24th 1-4
  • March 3rd 1-4
  • March 9th 9-1, 10th 1-4
  • March 16th 9-1, 17th 1-4
  • March 20th 7-8:30

Rehearsals will be broken into groups, so your child will not be called for all rehearsals. The schedule will come out in January.

Show Choir!!!

This year we invite students in the 3rd and 4th grades to join our Show Choir. The Show Choir will perform in the Christmas Show, Grandparents Show, and the Arts Festival this year.