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Thursday,January 17, 2019

8-R All Stars

                                                                               Image result for martin luther king jr                                                                    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 15, 1929- April 4. 1968



Friday, January 18 is Spirit Day !! As we prepare for the Memorial basketball tournament, all students may wear their gym uniforms on Friday. Additionally, any 8th grader who plays for any of the SHS basketball teams may wear his or her basketball jersey that day. 



8-R Science:

-Volcano quiz on Friday, Jan. 18


8-R E.L.A.:

-Get your adverb/ adjective test signed

-On a separate piece of paper, Write sentences for vocabulary words 1-7. Relate the sentence to the novel.

-Complete the TKAM  part of speech worksheet for the vocabulary words (ch. 1-11)

-Answer chapter 4 reading questions in your TKAM folder


8-D Science:

-Volcano quiz on Friday, 1/18

– Google classroom code is 56cfvv6


8 -D Religion:

– Google classroom code is cy8228o


6-W Science:

-In the back of your copybook, write the common name for the following chemical formula: C6H8O. What is the ratio for this formula?

Watch the following video:

– Google classroom code is euj3jn