How lack of tourism is affecting wildlife conservation in Madagascar

Welcome to KW. 

Latest reminder:

– All fees are due by Friday, September 18th.

-Please remember to label everything, especially masks.

Virtual Back to School Night will be on  Tuesday, September 22, beginning at 6:30.  There will be 3 twenty minutes sessions.   Hopefully you will be able to attend.

We welcome a new student.  Mae

Specials Schedule:

Music- Mondays

Gym, Computer and Art Classes are not available. Until then, I am those “Special Teachers” Hopefully these positions will be filled soon.

Homework Schedule:

Usually the same each week:

Tuesday Night– copybook- ( Penmanship and story)

Wednesday- Phonics- finding beginning and ending sounds for the letter of the week.  Word cards (please return but make a copy for you to use as a good review.)

Thursday– Math

Please sign the assignment.  If there was any difficulty completely this, send me an email.


Halloween KW

The Pirates of KW