Welcome to KD!

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

10/7: Walk-a-thon; please send in donations; children should wear gym uniforn

10/7: Noon dismissal for faculty meeting; please check calendar for bus information


Specials Schedule:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Library: 10:45-11:30

Thursday: Computer: 9:00-9:45


Week of Monday, October 3, 2022

Welcome to a fun and busy week in KD! 

We will finish Module 1 in ELA: Curious About Kindergarten. In phonological awareness, we will identify syllables, identify initial sounds, and blend syllables into words. Our Power Words (vocabulary words) this week are city, country, and map. Our letter of the week is Tt; our alphafriend is Tyra Tiger. We will practice writing upper and lowercase Tt and complete phonics pages on the letter Tt. Our words this week are am, at, go, blue. We will continue with our journal writing using our new words in our sentences. We will write about what we like about the fall.

In Math, we will finish Module 2: Represent Numbers to 5 with a Written Numeral. We will count and write 0 to 5. We will understand the written numerals by counting and writing 0 to 5. We will understand each successive number refers to a quantity that is one larger by using objects to demonstrate the order of numbers. We will take the Module 2 test. We will introduce Module 3: Matching and Counting Numbers to 5. We will identify a greater/lesser number of objects within 5, match equal groups of 5, and compare groups within 5 by counting and matching.

In Religion, we will pray the “Hail Mary” for October. We will watch a video on St. Francis of Assisi on Formed. His feast day is October 4. We will discuss the rosary. Our Lady of the Rosary’s Feast Day is October 7. We will continue with Chapter 3: God Gives Us the Water. We will learn about God’s gift of water. 

Our Let’s Find Out topic this week is “Wash Your Hands, Monster!”

We will not do a STREAM activity this week. 

Please have your child practice his/her address, phone number, tying shoes, and birthday. 

Sight Words: 

the, a, see, red, I, by, my, to, yellow, am, at, go, blue



 It will be a great week in KD!



Tuesday: Find two pictures (small) that begin with Tt and bring to school Wednesday.  They should have the /t/ sound, not a /th/ or /tr/ sound. They may be printed, drawn, or cut from a magazine. Complete worksheet in folder.

Wednesday: Math sheets in folder

Thursday: Practice writing letter Tt in copybook. Please use pencil and follow the format. Practice reading word cards. Please make a set to keep at home.


Child of the Week:

10/3: Tilly E.

10/10: Addy

10:17: Cecilia

10/24: Nolan


Class List:

Ethan Baker                                                                         Addy Baird

Luke Bitterman                                                                    Tilly Evans

Cole Darr                                                                             Tilly Fazio

Nolan Kenary                                                                       Evie Gallagher

Brayden Teetie                                                                    Tessa Hunsecker

Jimmy Tozier                                                                       Isla Hutchinson

Sean Van Dam                                                                      Cecilia Lucke

Austin Zapalac                                                                     Angela Warren

                                                                                             Ryann Wright