Welcome to KD!

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

6/2: May Fair; please refer to info sent; please plan to attend

6/8: Closing Program at 10:30 in Rec Center; more info to follow; dismissal immediately follows; this is our last day!

Specials Schedule:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Library: 10:45-11:30

Thursday: Computer: 9:00-9:45


Week of Monday, May 30, 2023

Welcome to a fun and busy week in KD! 

This week we will introduce Module 7 in ELA: Zoom In! In phonological awareness, we will isolate initial sounds and segment words into phonemes. Our topic words for this module are watch, wonder, and world. Our Power Words (vocabulary words) this week are care, decide, and real. In phonics, we will review double final consonants, final -ck, and digraphs. Our decodable texts are Big Mess and Chet! Please have your child read these to you at home. We will practice writing upper and lowercase letters; we will complete phonics pages. Our new sight words this week are tell, well, your, and who. Please continue practicing all of our sight words at home. We will continue with our journal writing using our sight words in our sentences. We will write about our butterflies and pages from our memory book.      

In Math, we finish Module 17: Place Value Foundations: Represent Numbers to 20. We will compose ten ones and some more ones from 11-19. We will repesent numbers to 20. 

In Religion, we will pray the “Hail Mary” for May. We will move to Chapter 15: God Chooses Mary. We will learn that God chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son and that Mary loved God very much.

Our new Let’s Find Out this week is “A Hermit Crab’s Home”

Please have your child practice his/her address, phone number, tying shoes, and birthday. 

It will be a great week in KD!

Sight Words: 

the, a, see, red, I, by, my, to, yellow, am, at, go, blue, is, man, no, orange, and, can, you, green, an, has, it, purple, he, ran, she, brown, did, in, put, black, me, sits, with, white, big, good, his, very, got, here, on, of, are, lot, not, was, pink, had, be, do, ten, up, but, look, him, us, for, her, help, they, yes, too, have, six, some, we, get, hot, or, where, come, from, if, stop, as, that, our, cut, must, said, when, down, off, so, will, back, let, were, what, could, now, then, this, tell, well, your, who

It will be a great week in KD!

Homework: Please log onto iXL! 

There will be no more homework for this year! Please continue practicing your word cards at home!

Class List:

Ethan Baker                                                                         Addy Baird

Luke Bitterman                                                                    Tilly Evans

Cole Darr                                                                             Tilly Fazio

Nolan Kenary                                                                       Evie Gallagher

Brayden Teetie                                                                    Tessa Hunsecker

Jimmy Tozier                                                                       Isla Hutchinson

Sean Van Dam                                                                      Cecilia Lucke

Austin Zapalac                                                                     Angela Warren

                                                                                             Ryann Wright