Welcome to KD!

Upcoming Events/Reminders:

CSW: check schedule of events for the week

2/1: Kindergarten play at 10:30 in Rec Center

2/2: Pajama Day

2/3: Senior Friends’ Day show at 10:00; noon dismissal for faculty meeting; please submit form if your child is leaving early with their senior friend; check website for bus info

2/7: Play for whole school at 1:30


Specials Schedule:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Library: 10:45-11:30

Thursday: Computer: 9:00-9:45


Week of Monday, January 30, 2023

Welcome to a fun and busy week in KD! 

This week in KD, we will continue with Module 4 in ELA: Happy Healthy Me. In phonological awareness, we will identify medial vowel sounds, isolate medial vowel sounds, blend phonemes into words, and produce rhymes. Our topic words for this module are energy, exercise, and healthy. Our new Power Words (vocabulary words) this week are muscles, relaxing, and take care . We will continue with short o /o/ as we hear in octopus, octagon and otter and box, cot, and mop. We will continue building and blending short a /a/  and short i /i/ CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words. Our decodable texts are Pot of Pods and Bob Tips a Pot. Please have your child read these to you at home. We will practice writing upper and lowercase letter Oo and complete phonics pages. Our new new words this week are got, here, on, and of. Please continue practicing our sight words at home. We will continue practicing writing our last name. We will continue with our journal writing using our sight words in our sentences. We will write thank you’s to the Whitpain Police and make Valentine’s Day card for the Sisters of Mercy at McAuley Convent. We will write about Groundhog Day.

In Math, we will work on Module 8: Represent Numbers 6 to 10 with a Written Numeral. We will count and write numbers 6 to 10. We will count and order to 10. 

In Religion, we will pray the “Morning Offering” in February. We will introduce Chapter 8: God Made All People. We will learn that God made all people good and that God loves all people.

Our Let’s Find Out topic is “Bear Scientist”

Our STREAM activity this week is a Groundhog Day activity. We will learn about Groundhog Day.

Please have your child practice his/her address, phone number, tying shoes, and birthday. 

Sight Words: 

the, a, see, red, I, by, my, to, yellow, am, at, go, blue, is, man, no, orange, and, can, you, green, an, has, it, purple, he, ran, she, brown, did, in, put, black, me, sits, with, white, big, good, his, very, got, here, on, of

It will be a great week in KD!


Homework: No homework this week!




Child of the Week: February

2/6: Tessa

2/13: Tilly F.

2/27:  Sean


Class List:

Ethan Baker                                                                         Addy Baird

Luke Bitterman                                                                    Tilly Evans

Cole Darr                                                                             Tilly Fazio

Nolan Kenary                                                                       Evie Gallagher

Brayden Teetie                                                                    Tessa Hunsecker

Jimmy Tozier                                                                       Isla Hutchinson

Sean Van Dam                                                                      Cecilia Lucke

Austin Zapalac                                                                     Angela Warren

                                                                                             Ryann Wright