Welcome to Camp 4L!

November 23, 2020

All information for our virtual classes can be found on my Google Classroom 😉.

How to Login to Schoology


choose login

at the login choose “SSO login”

Enter St. Helena’s zip code which is 19422

Choose Saint Helena School, Blue Bell

Check “Remember my School”

Click “Login”

Sign in with your St. Helena School email

The above steps are only needed the first time you log in on a computer. After that, go to www.sainthelena.schoology.com to login

Mrs. Venezia and I are looking to move Pilgrim Day to December 15th. We will keep you up to date with final decisions. 🙂

40 minutes of MATH IXL by Friday

Mrs. Lau’s Zoom Link is:


Scholastic Book Order Code: WPFP4