Welcome to Mrs. Melvin’s 2nd Grade!!!

Assignments for the Week of March 30


*ELA: Use ThinkCentral to read this week’s story. You can also go to YouTube and type in the name of the story along with “read aloud” and it will come up as well. You will also be completing the Reader’s Notebook pages.  They are no longer in the packet that was sent home two weeks.  You will have to access this on ThinkCentral. It is labeled as “Journeys Reader’s Notebook G2 2017.” The easiest thing to do would be write answers down in a notebook or on a piece of paper.  Please be sure to label with the page number and the number of the problem.  If the directions ask you to rewrite a sentence please know you DO NOT have to do that. Please feel free to do any extra activities offered in the Anthology and ThinkCentral.


*Math: Use ThinkCentral to access animated math models and reteaching features.  I have already ripped out the pages from their math book so they do not need to print anything.  They will also be completing their Practice Book (homework book) as well.  There was a reteach packet that was sent home for chapter 8.  This is completely supplemental and DOES NOT have to be completed but can be very helpful for extra work.  Also visit YouTube.  If you type in Go Math Lesson (whichever one) eg: 8.1 there will usually be options that will teach it as well.  I have one for each day, but you can look for more if you’d like.


*Handwriting: I know some of you did not have the handwriting book home.  You can Google search what we are working on and print out practice pages for them to use.  Eg: cursive practice capital A.  You can also do this if you feel your child needs more practice or you are looking for more work to give. The following link will also give extra practice that can be printed at home.

For a virtual handwriting tutorial you can go to:



*Religion: The Communion Book was sent home and you should continue to work on 2-3 pages a day.  Some days I will assign a FORMED or YouTube video to follow along with the content.


*Gym: Mrs. Jackson has been working very hard looking for engaging videos to keep your kids active.  Please visit her webpage on the St. Helena website to fine some energy releasing activities if you have time J


*Please try to log on to IXL for additional practice in the concepts we will be working on this week in both Reading and Math.  You can search the concepts on IXL to find them if needed. Please note, I still want 20 minutes of IXL a week which can break down to 5 minutes of IXL a day.  I am STILL REQUIRING that.  You are welcome to do more if you choose.


*NearPod– this is an interactive lesson your child can do to help them learn/review the concepts that are in their current chapters.  Please let me know if you have any questions about it.  It is new to me as well so we can work it out together.


*BrainPopJr: I have created a login for BrainPopJr that you can all use at home for supplemental activities for both Math and ELA.  I will give you recommendations that correlate with the weekly lessons but please feel free to review and try other concepts as well.  There are video lessons, quizzes, and games that will go along with the lessons and this might be helpful if someone is struggling without extra instructions.  https://jr.brainpop.com

Username:  rmelvin

Password: school1


*Feel free to have your child send me an email! I would love to hear from them and what they are up to!





Monday: Daily Work 3/30




Reader’s Notebook

Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



  • Communion Book: Chapter 4 read and complete pgs. 50, 51



  • Practice Cursive – pg. 111 Practice Joinings with A, C, and E



Tuesday: Daily Work 3/31



  • Review vocab from attachment

Reader’s Notebook

Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



  • Communion Book Chapter 4 pgs. 52, 53, 54



  • Practice Cursive – pg. 112 Review uppercase cursive letters A, O, D, C, E






Wednesday: Daily Work 4/1  



  • Review vocab from attachment

Reader’s Notebook

Supplemental Options



  • Chapter 8 Review pgs. 425, 426, 427, 428

Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



  • Communion Book- read and complete pgs. 87, 88



  • Practice Cursive – pg. 113 Review uppercase cursive letters A, O, D, C, E




Thursday: Daily Work 4/2



  • Review vocab handout



  • Choose one activity to complete on comparing texts on pg. 371 from your Anthology


Reader’s Notebook


Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



  • Practice Book pgs. 201, 202

**Please take a picture and send me page 201, 202 so I can see how everyone did with measurement.  These are the Practice Book pages instead of the Text Book.  Most of us have this book home so it would be easier to send the work in.

Supplemental Options (OPTIONAL)



  • Complete “Communion Chapter 4 Review”
    • Please submit and email this to me.



  • Practice Cursive – pg. 114 Practice Cursive Writing



Friday: Daily Work 4/3


I would like Friday to be a light day.  Please complete and submit the attachment “From Seed to Plant Comprehension Questions.” This should be completed by your child alone as it is a review of what they have already done. To submit you can either complete on the computer and email back or print, complete, take a picture/scan and email back. I would use the rest of this day to finish any other incomplete work and to enjoy time with your family and have fun!






~Please remember each child should be doing independent reading for 15-20 minutes each night.  

~Each child should also be completing IXL no less than 20 minutes a week (5 minutes a day).  Please note, your child is welcome to use the program more than that but I would like a minimum of 20 minutes a week.

~Please send your child with SHARPENED pencils EACH DAY! 

~If you are having trouble with the Math please go to www.mrmathblog.com- this is the website that will reteach the lesson if needed


2019/2020 2RM Class List

Boys Girls
Matthew Bocchino Theresa Barr
Riley Bradbury Tatum Esbensen
Roman Capparella Ashley John
Gabe Capperella Lizzy Kern
Blake Darr Noelle Laub
Dean Hunsecker Nora Meisler
Tommy Mann Mia Moffson
Colin McIlvaine Elle Olivetti
Jude Mueller Addison Owad
Logan Tierney Evie Richer
Cora Sinclair

Specials Schedule 2019/2020
Monday: Gym 11:30 – 12:15 (remember to wear sneakers)
Tuesday: Library 2:05 – 2:40 (please remember to return your books each week)
Wednesday: Computer 11:30 – 12:00
Thursday: Music 9:15 – 10:00

Below you will find the Welcome Letter that was sent to you on August 22nd.  Please refer to it as needed and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Thanks!!

Dear Parents,


Welcome to Second Grade! I hope your summer was very enjoyable.  I am very excited and looking forward to meeting and working with your children.  My goal is to make this school year a very challenging and exciting one.


To help make this school year a successful one, I listed below some opening day instructions.  Please keep this newsletter throughout the year for a reference.  

Thursday, September 5 : no school for students in grades K-4

Friday, September 6 : Dismissal is at 3:00


School Supplies

Please bring your school bag and pencil case with 2 sharpened pencils and an eraser on Friday.  All other supplies, listed below need to be sent to school on Monday September 9. Please be sure to put your child’s name on ALL of the materials.  This is just a reminder and is the same list that was sent out to you over the summer.

  • 1 zippered pencil case containing extra #2 sharpened pencils
  • 2 erasers
  • Art Box – Please, no larger than a shoe box (the ones from First Grade are great)
  • Magic Markers
  • 1 box of crayons – Please, no larger than a 24 pack
  • 1 liquid White Glue Bottle
  • 1 old T-shirt for messy art activities
  • 1 box of tissues for classroom use during the year
  • 1 container of Clorox wipes for classroom use during the year
  • Clear contact paper to cover workbooks
  • 1 box Gallon sized Ziplock bags


  • 1-2 Activity books for use during rainy day recesses
  • 1 or 2 picture/chapter books – Your child needs to always have an extra book in his/her desk everyday.  There will be a silent reading period during the school day.


Fee for School Supplies Already Provided

Please send $ in an envelope marked “School Supplies” with your child’s name on it by Monday, September 16.  This will cover the cost of 4 copybooks, 3 folders, and scissors which has been provided for your child’s use.  Please send the Art fee of $20.00 in a separate envelope.  If you are writing a check for the copybooks, etc., please make it payable to Saint Helena School.  Please be sure to label all envelopes with my name, 2RM and the contents inside. I will record your name when the money has been sent to school.  Thank you.

  • $7.40 – 4 copybooks at $1.85 each (1 of these will be saved and used for the second half of the year)
  • $3.50 – Assignment Book
  • $6.00 – 3 Plastic Folders H, T, S
  • $2.00 – scissors
  • $6.75 – Scholastic News Week and Science Spin 
  • $20.00 – Art Fee – This will eliminate collection materials as each activity occurs for the whole year.



The books that we currently have will be sent home to be covered over the next few nights.  Please cover all workbooks and copybooks with clear contact. The books are easily recognizable and will be protected in this manner.  Also, please label each book with your child’s first and last name on the front cover. Your child will also receive a reading textbook as well.  Please provide a book sock for this. We have six different reading texts and the book socks make it easy to transfer when needed.



The children will be dismissed as a school.  We ask that parents not come into the building at dismissal time.


Children will not be permitted to take alternate forms of transportation other than what you have stated, unless I receive a note or email stating the change in transportation.  If you forgot an email, please call the office no later than 2:15 and I will get the message. If you need to change your child’s transportation in the middle of the day CALL THE OFFICE, I may not get the email if it is in the middle of the day as I am teaching.  Please email me your child’s primary source of transportation by Monday, September 9th so I know how they should go home each day. Dismissal can sometimes be confusing for some children and I want to make sure that we can avoid that as best as possible. I will have a chart in my classroom stating the way each child is supposed to go home.  This is helpful for everyone.


If your child is visiting someone else after school, I would like an email from both children’s parents.  Please include the transportation to be used. This is for your child’s protection. Please note – a child may not ride on any other district’s bus than the one in which he/she lives. (ex: If your child lives in the Methacton School District, he/she may not ride on a Wissahickon bus.  These are the districts’ rules.)


T – Folder

The T – Folder is what I use to send home, tests.  Please make sure the T – Folders are returned to me, along with all tests and quizzes signed by you, by the next day.


H – Folder

The H – Folder will be sent home every night.  Worksheets completed during each day will be contained in the H – Folder.  The completed pages may be kept at home. Any other information will be sent home via e-mail.


S – Folder

The S – Folder will be used to stay in your child’s desk.  Any unfinished work will be kept in the S – Folder in their desk.


Homework Procedures

Homework will be posted on the St. Helena website and can be found in the faculty section under “Mrs. Robin Melvin.”  Your child is also responsible to write down their homework each day in their assignment book which also needs to be signed.  If there is a handout for homework, please be sure to check your child’s folder which should be returned on the date assigned.  All homework must be completed every night. Your child’s homework will provide reinforcement of daily work and will nurture a sense of responsibility in your child.  Please sign your child’s homework every night including the assignment book. Your signature on all homework is an indication to me that it has been supervised and completed.  If you observe your child having a problem with his/her homework, please inform me. Your child is responsible for turning in their homework each day.


Homework should take about 20 – 30 minutes to complete each night



An email must be sent the day of your child’s return stating the date and reason for absence.  This email is in addition to calling the school on the day your child is absent.


If you foresee your child being absent for a long period of time, for example, a family vacation.  Please contact me well in advance.


Missed work will be sent home, on the day your child returns, to be completed with you at home. Typically your child will be given the amount of days they were out to complete the assignment (eg: your child is out for two days they have two days from the time they receive the assignment to return it to me completed.)  I know extenuating circumstances sometimes occur and this can be discussed when/if needed.



I will give you a call to inform you if I find your child is experiencing difficulties or if their work is not being completed.

Please let me know if your child is going through something unusual at home as I am aware and may act accordingly.


Scholastic Books

Scholastic orders will be done online.  Directions on how to do this will be posted on the class webpage and sent home via email when we plan to have a class order.  I will try to do an order once a month.



All lunch money must be placed in an envelope with your child’s name on it, 2RM, and the contents inside.  Loose money is lost very easily and having the envelope properly labeled is very helpful if found by someone else.


Please be sure to separate hot lunch money from counter money.  One envelope is for hot lunch and one envelope or change purse is for juice, etc. money.  I will only collect hot lunch money each morning. Please make sure to write your child’s name, 2RM, and contents on the hot lunch envelope as well so I know who the money is from.  



Pretzels are sold every day at 10:30 A.M. recess.  A pretzel is $.50. Children are welcome to buy a pretzel or bring in their own nutritious snack.  Sometimes we sell out of pretzels. It is always a good idea to send your child with an extra snack in case this happens.


Physical Education

Children wear their gym clothes to school on their assigned day along with sneakers.  Our class Gym day is Monday @ 11:30.



Birthday treats are always welcome.  Please choose a simple treat. I would ask you to not send in juice, or whole cakes as a snack.  Please make sure the treats are already in individual pieces (cupcakes, cookies, brownies, donuts, etc.).  Please let me know in advance when you would like the class to celebrate your child’s birthday. Please supply napkins for the class.


If you are having a party for your child at home, you may send invitations into school provided they are for all of the girls, or all of the boys, or the whole class.  If some of the children are not invited, please send the invitations on your own time. A whole school directory will be provided by the Home and School Association. 



Please place your child’s name on EVERYTHING, especially all of the gym clothing and school sweaters.  These things tend to get lost a lot and I do not want your child to be without.


Please do not allow your child to bring any kinds of toys to school.  We do not have show and tell in second grade and I do not want your child to lose or have their toy broken in school.


Please keep this newsletter for future reference.  It will also be posted on the bottom of my school webpage for you to refer back to.

Thank you for your cooperation.




Mrs. Robin Melvin



Scholastic Directions

Class Code – HVDK3 Order

Support Your Child’s Reading Success!

Dear Families,   Did you know? Kids who read for just 20 minutes a day are more successful in school and life. Ordering from Scholastic Book Clubs is an easy way to find the best books that are just right for your child’s grade and interests.   Here’s how:   Choose books with your child from the paper flyers or online at: scholastic.com/bookclubs   To order online, connect to our class using our Class Code  Bonus: This month, you can pick a FREE Book (up to $5) when you place an online order of $25 or more!   As soon as your order is delivered to our classroom, I will send it home with your child.   Plus every order you place earns FREE Books for our class to share.

Thank you for your support and happy reading!