Classroom Day Time Location Activity
8R  Thurs 1:15 Classroom Students/Parent Scientific Sing Along
8D  Thurs 1:45 Classroom Students/Parent Competition Basketball Vocab!
7G  Tues 1:15 Classroom Join us to write Pantoum Poems
7B  Tues 1:15 Classroom Citizenship Quiz Game
6R  Thurs 1:15 Classroom Geography Jeopardy
6B  Thurs 1:45 Classroom ELA Jeopardy
5S  Mon 9:15 Classroom Be An Engineer – Using STEM!
5M  Mon 10:30 Classroom Tour Ancient Greece!  Don’t forget your Toga!!
4V  Tues 9:00 Classroom Who Am I?  Famous Pennsylvanians!
4C  Fri 9:00 Cafeteria Coffee House – Meet the Authors!
Honors Math  Mon 9:15 HM Classroom Geometry Jeopardy with 6th Grade HM Class
3P  Thurs 9:00 Rec Center Dramatic Interpretation of Poetry of Shel Silverstein
3O  Thurs 11:00 Rec Center Enjoy Skits performed by 3O Children
2M  Thurs 11:00 Classroom A medley of Math, Grammar and Religion Songs
2H  Tues 9:15 Classroom Readers Theater Performing “Bartholomew”
1M and 1B  Tues 9:15 Cafeteria Create Marshmallow Snowlady/man scenes!
KW  Tues 10:30 Cafeteria Arts and Crafts Japanese Style
KG  Tues 9:15 Classroom Come and help us construct Mt. Rushmore!
Pre K 4 S  Thurs 1:30 Classroom Rhyming Word Bingo
Pre K 4 F  Thurs 2:00 Classroom Join us to make a magnetic frame
Pre K 3  Mon 9:30 Classroom ABC Bingo!