Oh, the places you will go in 3-O!  

Welcome to third grade!


Final Scholastic Reading Club orders are due by Wednesday, 5/29. They will be delivered by the last day of school.

Friday: Whole school mass honoring Mrs. Cissone and Msgr. Nicolo at 9:00am. All are welcome.

Next week: No school on Monday, 5/27, Thursday, 5/30 or Friday, 5/31.

Guest speaker Sarah Whitpaine visits the third grade on Monday, June 3, in the afternoon.

Instructions for Google Classroom:

    • bring up google on your computer

    • log in using your user id and password on index card – this will take you to your email

    • click on the waffle at the top right

    • click on “Classroom” picture

    • click on Mrs. Owsiany’s classroom once you get into Classroom 

    • click on “Classwork” which will bring up link to assignment

    • click on assignment and complete



Monday, 5/20/19 

Math: worksheet

Religion: complete pg. 192-193

Spelling: Test tomorrow on Lesson 21 words. Write spelling words in ABC order.

Read for 20 minutes. No log.

Get tests signed.


Tuesday, 5/21/19

Math:  worksheet – both sides

Read for 20 minutes. No reading log.

Spelling: study for test tomorrow


Wednesday, 5/22/19

Reader’s Notebook: pg. 117 and 126

Math: other side of worksheet from class

Read for 20 minutes. No reading log.


Thursday, 5/23/19

Winn Dixie:  quiz on Google classroom – you may use your book and packet

Reader’s Notebook: pg. 127, 129

Read for 20 minutes. No reading log.




Monday – computers; art express (every other Monday)
Tuesday – music

Wednesday – library
Thursday – gym
Friday – none

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General Educational Games

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