Welcome to Pre- 4S


Welcome to St. Helena Preschool.  We look forward to working with you and your children this year!

If there is a Two Hour Delay then drop off for Pre-K students is 10:00am. There will not be a formal Car Line. Please just park your car, walk your child to the door and ring the bell. Students enrolled for 1/2 day do not attend on two hour delay days.

Tiger Time” begins at 8:00am. This is the earliest that you can drop your child off at Pre-K classroom. The cost is $7.00 per day. There is no charge if the child will be attending CARES or Early Birds that day.

Weather permitting, we will go outside every day!  Please dress your child according to the day’s weather. Even if it is raining we may have to walk over to the “Big School” for an activity.

Please check the Saint Helena School website for continued updates to the calendar.

Mr. Smith’s email: ssmith@sainthelenaschool.org

Mrs. Dare’s email: bdare@sainthelenaschool.org

Homeroom Parent

Week of September 12, 2021 


Welcome to our first theme: Ready for School!

In this unit, the children will learn the expectations, routines and behaviors of school.

Objective for this week: My School

Big Idea: I am getting to know my school.

Social-Emotional: Cooperation

Alphabet Recognition:  

Theme Words: class, name, school, teacher

Sign Language: I love you, focus, listen, stop

Math Words: next, pattern, repeat

Science Words: clean, germs

Story Words: favorite, gently, grinned, letters, promise, secret, terrific, write

Our letter of the week is

Our Personality of the Week is

Our Family of the Week is: 

Clue & Tell this week:

In your child’s folder is their ABC Journal.  If you have time during the week, your child can practice writing the letter of the week ”  .”  They can also cut out pictures that begin with the letter  ” “ and glue them into the journal.  You can send the journal back to school in their folder.  The children will then share their work with their classmates.

The children will learn to write their first name on their papers. We will discuss the rules of the classroom and how to treat each other and learn about good manners.  We learn how to bless ourselves and say the Our Father, the Hail Mary and Grace Before Meals.  We will also learn the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner and Grand Old Flag.  We will discuss the days of the week and the months of the year.  We will discuss the weather and learn what a thermometer is and what causes the mercury to move up and down the thermometer!

In centers this week we will practice writing the letter .

In Math this week the children will learn about and make patterns.

In Science this week the children will ……..

Religion this week we will talk about the mass.

Our sight word reader is:

Our sight words to date are: did, It, we, get, I, see, help, at, ride, on, me, too, find, the, like, to, this, is

To assist your children, you could create flash cards with our sight words on them for home.

They will come home with a copy of the Sight Word Reader on Fridays. Please have your child read this book to you. They can use these books to build their own library of Sight Word Readers!!

Books we will read this weekMy New School, The Kissing Hand, Annie-Bea & Chi Chi Delores, Play Safe Penguin

Calendar Dates To Remember: 

Monday September 13: Pre-K 4S Orientation

Tuesday September 14: FIRST DAY of Pre-K 4S!!!!!!! 

Friday October 1: Photo Day and 11:30am Dismissal

Class List: