The CARES Handbook and Registration Forms

Early Birds CARES

Early Birds Information and Registration

$9.00/day and $6.00 for each additional sibling

7:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Starting date: September 11, 2023
Ending date: June 7, 2024
First Registration due by September 5, 2023
Registration after that date by contacting Janet Smith (

Tiger Time (PRE-K Only)

$9.00/day and $6.00 for each additional sibling or No cost if you use Early Birds.

After School CARES Pre-K 4 – Grade 8

Cost for students enrolled in CARES for the entire school year

$285.00 per month for one child

$470.00 per month for two children

$550.00 per month for three children

$580.00 per month for four and more children


Cost for students using CARES on a per diem basis (must reserve 24 hours prior)

$25.00 for one student

$35 for two or more children

$40.00 for one student on noon dismissal days

$50.00 for two or more children on noon dismissal days

All fees will be billed through FACTS.