Dear Saint Helena School Parents,

In the event of a Late Opening, please see below. Saint Helena School follows what Wissahickon School District recommends.

Late Openings

Families living outside of the Wissahickon School District should check their home district’s (Norristown, Colonial, North Penn, Perk.Valley, Springfield, or Methacton) weather decision to determine morning transportation availability. They do not always contact me. Generally:

  • If your home district is operating under the same opening schedule as Wissahickon, busing will be provided.
  • If your home district is not delayed but Wissahickon is delayed, no busing will be provided. Students should be driven to school according to the delay timeline or reported absent if no car transport is available. Students are not marked absent in this instance.
  • If your home district is delayed but Wissahickon is not, students may be driven to school for a regular 8:10AM start or may wait for their district to bus according to the delayed start time. Students are not marked late in this instance.
  • Walkers and car riders are to adhere to the same delay schedule as the Wissahickon School District. Students should not arrive to school before 9:45am if we are on a 2-hour delay. Pre-school children should arrive at 10:00. Half-day Pre-School children should not attend school. There will be no Early Birds.

All districts will provide transportation home at our regular dismissal time as long as the district was not closed for the entire day.

Thank you very much.
Miss Britt