Pre-K 4F

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2022 2023 class list

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Important Dates to Note

Friday, October 7th – Walk-a-thon

Friday, October 7th – 11:30 Dismissal/Faculty Meeting

Thursday, October 13th – Field Trip to Kohler Farms

Thursday, October 20th – 11:30 Dismissal/Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 21st – No School, Parent-Teacher Conferences

Monday, October 31st – Halloween Party


My Family, My Community

KNOWLEDGE FOCUS: Children learn about family members, family roles, and unique qualities of families. Children learn about the role of the community and the importance of good citizenship

SOCIAL EMOTIONAL FOCUS: Kindness and cooperation

Week of October 3-7

Religion: A Widow Gives All She Has  Mark 12:41-44

A Sample of the Books We Will Read: Johnny Appleseed, Under the Apple Under the Apple Tree, Apple Farmer Annie, The Biggest Apple Ever, Apple Trouble

Letter(s) of the Week: Aa We will look at a new letter each week. We will practice writing, both upper and lower case, and listening to the sound the letter makes. Please help your child find words that start with our letter of the week and they may add them to our Word Board. Past letters: T, S

Our Fabulous Vocabulary words are:  Awesome, Askew

Sight Words:  We will look at commonly used words in the English language and recognize them by sight.  Please feel free to make flash cards at home and practice daily.  Sight words: and, a, am, an, in, the, of, I, to, you, is, it, that,from, he, was, am, from, Mom, Dad, go, me,  for, on are, with, as, his, be, they, at, one, this, have, or, had.

Math: The number three and it’s value. We will spend each week focusing on a new number and it’s value. We will look at rulers and measure different items in the classroom

Social Studies: How do apples get to the store?

Science: All about apples

Scholastic Book Code: H4X94

Prayers We Say in Class

Morning Prayer: Thank You God for giving us this day, be with us in all we do and say. Amen

Prayer Before Meals: Bless us Oh Lord and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from Thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord. Amen

The Hail Mary and Our Father

We also say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and are currently singing the National Anthem.