Pre-K 4F


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Class list 20192020

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Child of the Week Schedule


Important Dates to Note

Friday, January 17th – 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, January 20th – No School MLK Day

Sunday, January 26th – Start of Catholic Schools Week

Thursday, February 13th – Classroom Valentines’ Day Party

Friday, February 14th – No School

Monday, February 17th – No School – Presidents’ Day



Awesome Animals

Social-Emotional Focus:  Attention

Knowledge Focus: Children learn about life science through the exploration of animals and animal life cycles

Week of January 20th-Wild Animals 


Religion – A Helping Hand  – Hebrews 10:24

ELA – Some of the many books we will read this week: Rikki-Tikkii-Tavi, Bill and Pete to the Rescue, How the Leopard Got His Spots, We’re Going on a Lion Hunt.

Letter Of the Week:  Nn We will practice writing both the upper and lower cases. Encourage your child to find words that start with the letter of the week. You can write them down and send them in with your child for our word wall.

Our Fabulous Vocabulary words are: Notorious, Nebulous.   We will do our best to use these words throughout the week and continue to use them through out the year.

Sight Words:  We will introduce the 25 most used words in the English language as our sight words. Feel free to make flash cards and practice these words at home. This week’s words:  and, a, in, I, the, of, to, is, it, thank, you, that, Mom, Dad, from, he, was, am, go, me,  for, on, are, with, as, his, be, they, at, one, this, have, or, had.

Math: The number 14

Science: What is the difference between a domesticated and wild animal?

Social Studies: We help our friends

Specials: Monday:Library  Tuesday: Art/Science,  Wednesday: Music, Thursday: Science/Art, Friday: Gym

Scholastic Book Code: H4X94

Please send in your BoxTops for Education tops.  For more info check out their website


Websites the children enjoy: and

Prayers We Say in Class

Morning Prayer: Thank You God for giving us this day, be with us in all we do and say. Amen Prayer Before Meals: Bless us Oh Lord and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from Thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord. Amen The Hail Mary and Our Father

We also say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning followed by You’re a Grand Old Flag

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the republic for which it stands: one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.