Pre-K 4F


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Important Dates to Note

Tuesday, September 22nd – Virtual Back to School Night

Friday, September 25th – 11:30 Dismissal

Friday, October 2nd  – Picture Day

Friday, October 9th – 11:30 Dismissal

Monday, October 12th – No School

Week of September 21st

Religion – Jesus Calls Followers Mark 1:16-20

A Sample of the Books We Will Read This Week: B. Bear and Lolly Off to School, Owen, David Goes to School, Timothy Goes to School, Otter Goes to School

Letter Of the Week:   Aa – We will try to find words that start with the letter Aa. We will listen to the sound that a makes. we will practice writing both the upper and lower case Aa.  Help your child find words that start with the letter A; they can tell me their words when they come in or you can help them write them down and bring them in. We will add them to our Alphabet list.

Our Fabulous Vocabulary words are Askew, Apprehensive.   We will do our best to use these words in the classroom throughout the day. 

Sight Words:  Starting in a weeks we will introduce sight words for your child to recognize in print. Once we get stated feel free to make flash cards and practice these words at home: and, a, in, I, the, of, to, is, it, thank, you, that, Mom, Dad, from, he, was, am, go, me,  for, on, red, yellow, blue are, with, as, his, be, they, at, one, this, have, or, had.

Math: The number 1. Each week we focus on a number and it’s value. We will also look at various shapes and simple addition and subtraction.

Science: We will look how an apple grows

Art: One of the primary colors – RED!

Scholastic Book Code: H4X94

Prayers We Say in Class

Morning Prayer: Thank You God for giving us this day, be with us in all we do and say. Amen

Prayer Before Meals: Bless us Oh Lord and these Thy gifts, which we are about to receive, from Thy bounty, through Christ Our Lord. Amen

The Hail Mary and Our Father

We also say the Pledge of Allegiance every morning