Kindergarten through Grade 8

Reduced Tuition Rates for eligible parishioners (see below for qualifications):

$5,252 tuition for one child (includes Book & Tech fees)
$9,048 tuition for two children (includes Book & Tech fees)
$12,064 tuition for three children (includes Book & Tech fees)
$14,560 tuition for four or more children (includes Book & Tech fees)

Standard Tuition Rates
for non-Catholics, non-parishioners and parishioners ineligible for the reduced rates

$6,812 tuition per child (include Book & Tech fees)


$6,240 per child for 5 full days

$5,460 per child for 5 half days

$5,408 per child for 3 full days

$4,940 per child for 3 half days


Application/Enrollment Fees*

Application Fees for new students: $100 per student

Enrollment Fees for new students: $135 per family

Enrollment Fees for returning students: $135 per family

*Registration fees are nonrefundable and do not offset tuition. 

Total amounts will be allocated between application fees and enrollment fees in FACTS.


Current St. Helena School Students

Enroll through FACTS/SIS

All returning students must enroll every year through the FACTS/SIS portal

Re-enrollment deadline is April 15, 2021 (late fees will be assessed at $25)


New St. Helena Students

(including new students with siblings already in St. Helena)

1: APPLICATION: Complete the application through the FACTS/SIS portal. Application fees for all new students to our school are $100 per student for the first two new students applying for admission. If you are enrolling more than two new students in the same school year, the additional application fees will be $20 per student.

2: ENROLLMENT: Once the application has been submitted and approved, you will be sent an enrollment packet. In order to complete the registration process you will need to:

  • Complete the enrollment packet and upload all required documents
  • Pay the Enrollment Fee
  • Set up an account through FACTS for tuition payments

This process needs to be completed to hold a spot for your child for the upcoming school year.



How can I receive reduced tuition rates?

In order to be eligible for reduced tuition rates, your family must be registered at St. Helena Parish. The reduced tuition is available to families who regularly attend Mass and have contributed at least $780 in the previous calendar year (by December 31). Contributions must be made in a verifiable method, either through the use of Sunday envelopes or a personal check. If Sunday offerings did not total $780 by December 31, 2020, then you will be assessed the full tuition rate. Exceptions may be made for new families that have moved to the area. If a family is transferring to St. Helena from another local parish school, they will be assessed the full tuition rate for the first school year and may qualify for reduced tuition in subsequent years if all conditions are met.

Is Financial Aid available?

YES!! Nearly all aid is granted through Business Leadership Organized for Catholic Schools (BLOCS). All applications for financial aid are made through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment at: . Financial assistance directly from the Parish is limited, but in cases of severe hardship, the Parish will provide according to its means. Aid will only be considered for families who have been active in their support of the parish through regular Mass attendance.

Is there a reduction to Tuition & Fees if I elect to pay in full by August 5th?

Yes, if your full payment is made in FACTS by August 20th, FACTS will deduct $200 from the total tuition.

Are Application/Enrollment Fees refundable?

Application/Enrollment fees are NOT refundable nor do these fees offset your tuition.

Other Financial Policies are as follows:

  • Enrollment is understood to be a full year contract. Refunds for withdrawal will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Enrollment is not complete until you have fully completed the enrollment packet and have set up a tuition account with FACTS that is linked to your banking account for automatic payments.
  • Report cards, diplomas and recommendations will not be issued unless all financial obligations are fulfilled. Participation in graduation activities will not be permitted if tuition account is in arrears.
  • All balances must be paid in full by MAY 20th of the school year.
  • If more than one party will be responsible for tuition, both parties must have separate FACTS accounts which denote the appropriate percentage to be paid by each party. You will need to create one Enrollment Packet, list two separate households, and create two individual FACTS Tuition agreements.