Reminders/Important Dates


  • 10/7- Noon Dismissal and walk-a-thon
  • 10/11- 3rd-5th grade liturgy
  • 10/20- Noon dismissal.
  • 10/21- No school for students
  • 11/1- No school




  • Math– page 13-14
  • Spelling– pick 5 words. Write a sentence in cursive for each word.
  • Reading- test Friday
  • Scholastic book orders due Wednesday.


  • Math– page 15-16
  • Spelling– pick 5 new words. Write a sentence in cursive for each word. Test Friday.
  • Reading- test Friday
  • Gym and library tomorrow.
  • Scholastic book orders due tomorrow.



  • Math- page 17-18
  • Spelling- 5 spelling sentences.
  • Reading- test Friday
  • Try to log into your IXL account. Your username and password is stapled in your homework book. Work on one of the recommended skills for math or reading for 5 minutes.


  • Math- page 19-20
  • Spelling- test tomorrow
  • Reading- Reread the story of the week-in your H folder. Test tomorrow.


Weekly Focus

Math– Module 2- Understand Multiplication and Area

Module 1 Week 2 Spelling Words- VCe pattern

  1. spoke
  2. mile
  3. save
  4. excuse
  5. cone
  6. invite
  7. cube
  8. price
  9. erase
  10. ripe
  11. broke
  12. flame
  13. life
  14. rule
  15. spent
  16. swing
  17. class
  18. lunch
  19. surprise – challenge word
  20. decide – challenge word
  21. clothes – challenge word
  22. strange – challenge word



  1. moody– if you are moody your feelings change often and quickly
  2. pesky– something that is pesky is annoying
  3. snarled- if something is snarled it is twisted and tangled
  4. pursuit– a pursuit is something you attempt to accomplish
  5. annual– an annual event happens once a year
  6. recited– if you recited something you said it aloud after you have learned it
  7. protested– if you protested, you said why you did not agree with a statement or an idea


Specials Schedule 2022-2023

Monday- Spanish


Wednesday- Gym- wear your gym uniform and sneakers

                       – Library- bring your library book to school

Thursday- Computer

Friday- Music



Monday- Cheesesteak – $5.50 or Turkey Hoagie- $5.00

Wednesday- Chick-fil-a 8 piece Chicken Nuggets- $5.00

Friday- Via Veneto Pizza- $2.50/slice
Ice Cream- $1.00

Helpful Websites and Class Codes:

Scholastic Book Orders Class Code: TQF6N   Please place orders online only.


Click here for Scholastic Magazines online access.

  1. Click “Log in”
  2. Click “I’m a Student”
  3. Type in our class code: daytrain7525



HMHCO– You can access your child’s math and reading books. Your username and password is stapled to the inside of your homework book. All usernames are your  first and last name without spaces or capitalization. All passwords are 12345.


Country: United States

State: Pennsylvania

District/Independent School: St Helena School-blue Bell

Username: christinesirianni

Password: 12345




IXL– You can play games that correspond to each daily math and reading lesson. Click on the recommended skills each week.



Formed –This site contains up-to-date information, videos and more about Catholic Education. It is a great resource for children and families. 


Class List:



Total= 12 students



Please feel free to contact me via email: with any questions