Welcome to First Grade – 1G!

Specials Schedule:

Tuesday Library 1:05 – 1:50 (Return Library book)
Wednesday Music 1:05 – 1:50
Thursday Gym 10:45 – 11:30 (Wear Gym uniform)
Friday Computer 9:15 – 10:00 (Noon Dismissal days: 9:00- 9:30)

Click here to view my Welcome Back Letter which contains important information regarding this school year. 

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Math Homework Answer Key: click here

Monday, January 23– Thursday, January 26

*Parents, please remember to sign or initial your child’s homework each night.  This tells me you have completed the work with your child.

Monday, January 23

  1. Religion- Please study the Glory Be.
  2. Handwriting-H copybook- Write uppercase and lowercase Bb (2 times each across and all the way down the page: B B b b)
  3. Math-Lesson 7.6 p. 87-88
  4. Reading-study the words under Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Week 2. The sight words are listed below on this page.  You will click on a Google link to access them. It is a good idea to make flash cards for these words.  We work on one story per week.

Tuesday, January 24

  1. Religion-Please study the Glory Be.
  2. Math- Lesson 7.7 pg. 89-90
  3. Spelling-H copybook-write the spelling words 2x  (drip, trap, drum, trip, grin, scrub)
  4. Reading- study the high frequency words under Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Week 2.

Wednesday, January 25

  1. Religion– Please study the Glory Be.
  2. Math– No math homework
  3. Reading-Read and Respond Packet in H-Folder.  This week’s story is called Sick Day.  Please read the story with your child and verbally discuss the Read and Respond questions on each page.  Those answers do not need to be written.  On pg. 99, please have your child answer the questions using pencil.

Thursday, January 26

  1. Religion– Please study Glory Be.
  2. Handwriting- H copybook-Write uppercase and lowercase Pp (2 times each across and all the way down the page:  P P p p   
  3. Math- Lesson 8.1 pg. 91-92
  4. Spelling- Please study the words for the test tomorrow (drip, trap, drum, trip, grin, scrub)
  5. Reading– study the high frequency words under Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Week 2.

Looking ahead: 

Opening Liturgy for Catholic Schools Week: Sunday at 11:00 am

First Grade Open House: Monday at 11:30 am in the cafeteria  

Have a good weekend!

In addition to your child’s written homework, please read to your child and/or have your child read to you for at least 20 minutes each night.

**Please remind your child to empty his/her completed and corrected papers from the H folder each night.

High Frequency Words

Click here or the link below to access each week’s high frequency words.  It is a good idea to make flash cards of these words.  The children will see these words on their tests.  Recognizing words by sight helps kids become faster, more fluent readers. 


Grade 1 Religion Facts

Click here or the link below to access 1st Grade Religion facts.  Parents, please just read the sentences to your child to remind them what they learned in Religion class. These facts do not need to be memorized.


Scholastic Book Order Directions

Shop Online: scholastic.com/readingclub
One-Time Class Activation Code: Q7L7J

Dear Families,
You can shop and submit your order online ONLY .   Please do not send checks to me.  Every purchase you make earns FREE Books and educational supplies for our classroom.
The arrival of the book box is always a highlight. Thanks for making it happen!
Happy reading,

If This Is Your First Time Ordering Online:
– VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub
– ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code (top of this letter)
– SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books, value packs, and Story eBooks
– SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
– All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!

When sending in money, please be sure to write your child’s name and what the money is for on the envelope. Thank you!

Class List- 22 Children

Boys Girls
Dominic Antonelli Sophia Braverman
Ethan Dobbins Sophia Capperella
Anthony D’Orazio Aubrey DeSimone
Finn Gaw Charlotte Guckert
Tyler Guenther Teresa Haynie
Johnny McGrath Ava Koletty
Nolan Moore Maryclaire Kuttner
Finn O’Boyle Audrey McQuade
AJ Poblete Paula Ortiz-Velez
Joey Slizofski Devney Weisheipl
William Tozier Julia Young