Just be kind and brave. That’s all you ever need to be!
-Mr. (Fred) Rogers

Google Classroom Codes: 8B ELA3lt54wl; 7Z Religion: oxed7wg; 7Z ELA: jk2pxh4; 6M Religion: xr57yiw

My emails: szakrzewski@sainthelenaschool.org; szakrzewski@sthelenaschool.org



Religion 7Z:  

Religion 6M

ELA 7Z:  6 Word Memoir Response; Vocab quiz Unit 2 Set A; Vocabulary Word Wheel; Please obtain a copy of A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. We will begin reading this novel as a class on 10/3. Summer Fiction Reading Response Book Quilt due 9/30.

ELA 8B: 6 Word Memoir Response; Vocab quiz Unit 2 Set A; A few students still have not signed into Google Classroom. Please join with the class code.  Summer Fiction Reading Response Book Quilt due 9/30. Please obtain a copy of “Chasing Lincoln’s Killer” by James L. Swanson. We will begin reading this novel as a class on 10/3.


October 3: Hot Lunch is back! Mondays: Turkey Hoagie $5.00/Cheesesteak $5.50; Wednesday Chic-fil-a; Friday Pizza $2.00/ Ice Cream

October 4: Whole School Liturgy 9:00am/ Installation of Student Council

October 7: WALKATHON

Congratulations to our new St. Helena Student Council and Class Representatives! I can’t wait to see your ideas come to fruition as you help our school community reach the goals you have set for us!

It was great to see and finally meet so many of you at Back to School Night! Have a wonderful week!

Thank you for all you do!


Welcome to 7th Grade!

Welcome to 7Z! I am thrilled to have you in my homeroom this year. I am looking forward to a fun filled year of discovery and building our own community of readers and writers. The ultimate goal is to help you develop the skills you need to succeed. I consider it a privilege to work with you and your families here at St. Helena School. Please plan to work together with your teachers and classmates to make this year a successful one. Remember to bring an open mind, positive attitude and most importantly, a smile, with you to class on your first day and every day! Get ready for a great school year!


Religion: Mrs. Z 1st period

ELA: Mrs. Z 2nd, 5th periods

Social Studies: Mrs. Britt 3rd period

Math: Mr. McGady 4th period

Science: Mrs. Britt 6th period


Monday: Computers & Spanish

Tuesday: Gym

Wednesday: Library

Friday: Music

Please consider volunteering for Art Express!


The stationary and art fees will be billed as “incidental expenses” through FACTS.

The supply list and calendar are all on the St. Helena School website; Six hardback composition books ($2.50 each) and 1 homework book ($6.00)to be purchased through FACTS. 

Science World Subscription ($11.00) for Science with Mrs. Britt

Confirmation is March 23, 2023.

Please label everything with your name.

I am so excited to see all of you! 💛Mrs. Zakrzewski