Mrs. Zakrzewski;

25 Thanksgiving Prayers and Dinner Blessings to Give Thanks


6th ELA: Read Fever 1793 Ch. 11-15; work on the 3 questions at the bottom p. 16 in your packet

6th Math: IXL skills posted to Google Classroom; p.117 #8-13

7th Religion: complete Ch 4 Study Guide

7th Math: IXL skills posted to Google Classroom; project due 11/28; Test on Module 4 Friday 12/1

8th Math: IXL skills posted to Google Classroom; project due Tuesday 11/28; p.126-127 #1-6

Parent meeting for Confirmation in Church tonight at 6:15pm.

Bring in an Art Smock for Art Express!

Travis Manion Character Development: Write about a time you had or witnessed moral courage.


7Z Daily Schedule:

ELA: Miss Sample

Social Studies: Mrs. Britt

Math: Mrs. Z/ Honors Math: Mrs. Owsiany

Science: Mrs. Britt

Religion: Mrs. Z


Monday: Computers

Tuesday: n/a

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Gym/ Spanish

Friday: Music

Art Express: every other Tuesday 

Please send in an Art Smock for each child!


Lunch Prices: Monday- cheesesteaks- $5.50 and turkey hoagies- $5.00, Tuesday- chick-fil-a sandwich- $5.25, Wednesday- Shake Shack hamburgers- $7.00, Thursday- chick-fil-a nuggets- $5.25, Friday- pizza- $2.50.

Thanksgiving Food Drive: 7Z is collecting stuffing

Winter UniformsMonday, November 6: winter uniforms beginning Monday, November 6.  This also means the children should wear their school Gym sweatshirt and sweatpants to school for Gym class beginning on Monday, November 6.

Parents are invited to join our Penance services.

The stationary and art fees equal $42.00 and will be billed as “incidental expenses” through FACTS.

The supply list and calendar are all on the St. Helena School website; Six hardback composition books ($2.50 each) and 1 homework book ($6.00).

Science World Subscription ($11.00) for Science with Mrs. Britt

Art Fee $10.00

Confirmation March 14, 2024

Please label everything with your name.

💛Mrs. Zakrzewski