6D Religion:

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6K Religion:

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7S Homeroom:

Welcome to a new school year in 7S! I am so excited to begin this new adventure and am so happy to have you in my homeroom! It is my hope that 7S will be a place of learning, breaking open the Scriptures, and encountering Jesus in a new way – especially as we prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation.

As I am new to St. Helena’s this year, I am looking forward to entering into all of the traditions and the wonderful community that you have formed here for the first time. I know this school year will be great as long as we are open to the Holy Spirit and commit ourselves to what is being asked of us each and every day.

  • The stationary and art fees will be billed as “incidental expenses” through FACTS.
  • The supply list, summer reading and calendar are all on the St. Helena School website.
  • Please label everything with your name.

I trust that God will do amazing things this school year in 7S, and I will be praying with you and for you all every step of the way!

7S Religion:

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Food Truck Project due Friday

8B Religion:

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