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Art Express is a parent volunteer art program. Our goal is to teach children about artists, art techniques and mediums and to encourage them to develop their unique creative talents. This unique opportunity gives parents a chance to participate with their own child in a classroom learning environment.

Volunteers work as a team in each class to set up supplies, present the lessons and clean up afterward. An art curriculum has been designed to focus on art projects with age-appropriate learning objectives and techniques. Lesson plans have been developed for all classes. Classes are an hour long and scheduled to meet twice a month. Each class will have one person assigned as Classroom Leader who is the point person between the team of volunteers and the classroom teacher.

All you need is an interest in art, a desire to work with the students and some volunteer time. It really is a fun and creative way to interact with your child and their classmates.

 *Find some of the lesson plans in this DropBox folder.

Some past lessons have included:


K-1 element of line

K-2 element of shape

K-3 Cool Curves & Warm Angles

K-Owl Collage

K-Wild flowers pointillism

K-Paper Mask


K-Picasso Flowers


1st Grade

1-Symmetrical Owls (Word)

1-Symmetrical Owls (PDF)

1-Frankenstein (PPT)

1-2 Watercolor Birds (PPT)

1-Pizza Collage (PPT)

1-Sailboats at Sunset (PPT)

1 – Impressionist Christmas Trees (PPT)

1-Shiny Valentine (Jim Dine) (PPT)

1-Textured Landscape (PPT)

1-Clay Fish (PPT)

1-Pointillism Butterfly

2nd Grade

2-Warm Fall Leaves (PDF)

2-Warm Fall Leaves (Word)

2-The Longest Line (PPT)

2-pinch pot jacks (PDF)

2-pinch pot jacks (Word)


3rd Grade

3-element of line (PPT)

3-Pumpkin batik (Word)

3-Pumpkin batik (PDF)


4th Grade

4-Abstract Jacks (PPT)

4-Heart Patterns (Word)

4-memory_blind contour_observation drawing (Word)

4-picasso portrait (PPT)


4-textured tangles (PPT)


5th Grade

5-1 skulls

5-2 tree line drawing

5-3 Value-shape into form

5-4 Texture and color

5-5 cut paper collage

5-Aztec Metal Tooling (PPT)

5-7 perspective (PPT)


6th Grade

6-Positive_Negative Halloween Symmetry

6-block printing

6-clay gargoyles

6-Foil tooling

6-Rhythm and Movement

7th Grade

7_1-charcoal value (PPT)

7_2-halloween silhouette (Word)

7_2-halloween silhouette (PDF)

7_3-picasso portrait value study (PPT)

7_4-cool layered trees (Word)

7_4-cool layered trees (PDF)

7-Cool Snow Flakes


8th Grade

8-Graffiti Tag revised2

8-radial symmetry

8-op art ’11

8-Pumpkins in moonlight

8-Tattooed Plaster Cast


General Art Techniques & Other Info

Watercolor Techniques

Vase Faces drawing mirror image practice

Value – shading techniques

Pencils – the HB Graphite Grading Scale

Paper weaving how-to video:

Grid 1×1%22

Gray scale (printable)

Glue Dots Practice

Elements & Principles of Art (simplified)

Colortheory power point

2 Point Perspective explained

Elements of Art (Part 1)

Principles of Art (Part 2)