Mrs. D’Alonzo 6D

Hello Parents!

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Social Studies: We are placing the Crucifixion of Jesus in history during Ancient Rome.  Please ask your student to retell the story of the Passion while including the role of Caiaphus, Herod, and Pontius Pilate.  Please ask them about the Emperor who ruled at the time of the birth of Jesus. 

Friday, January 13th:  ELA Vocabulary Test (words have been written in copybook last week.  They are from “Upside Down and Backward”.)

FRIDAY PHILADELPHIA EAGLES DRESS DOWN FUNDRAISER!  Students can dress up in Eagles gear to show support for the game this weekend!  We are also using Friday to celebrate the memory of Mrs. Kelly.  She loved the Eagles!  We are having a fundraiser in her honor to support her family.  Check the blast for more information.