Welcome to KF!!!

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Monday -Art Express every other week, please have art smock in school

Tuesday – Computers

Wednesday – Gym and Library(please wear gym uniform to school)

Thursday – Music



HMH (for Math, Reading)

  1. Go to https://www.hmhco.com/ui/login/?connection=00933524.
  2. Log in with the information given by your teacher.(Password: 12345

Homework week of November  27. 2023

Monday –   none

Tuesday -Please find pictures for letters Ff and Rr and bring in.  Please read booklet Sid, if you bring back signed child will receive a sticker

Wednesday – Math worksheet front and back

Thursday –  Write letters Ff and Rr in ABC journal,  review sight words she,he, ran, brown, an, has, it, purple,am.at blue,go,one, two, three, four, the, a, see, red, to, my, by, yellow, is, man, no, orange, green, and, can , you (Please return sight word bag each week, if you need to, we recommend you make a set for home, thank you.) 

Santa Shop Thursday 1:45 PM

Friday – Noon Dismissal


Please make arrangements to come to Santa Shop on Thursday  11/30 at 1:45, to help your child shop!!

We are in need of Paper Towels and Tissues!!!!

Please remember to have an art smock in school.

Scholastic Book Clubs to order online Create an account, type in school zip code, school name, teacher name.  There is no longer a class code.

Parents, please remember to email school with change of dismissal and if your child is going to be absent from school.  Thank You.

Parents please make sure your child does the homework each night!  Thank you!  Also please remember to make a set of sight word cards for home and return ours in plastic bag each week!! Thank You!!

Please remember to return necessary technology policy forms to the office

Kindergarten Class 2023-24

Boys                                                       Girls

Jax Capperella                                                       Chelso Antonelli

Tino Carannante                                                    Chiara Haynie

Austin Dobbins                                                      Zoe Moore

Liam Garcia                                                            Eilis O’Reilly

Conor Hammar                                                      Grace Morano

Mitchell Kulp                                                          Joci Poblete

Hudson McManus                                                  Gianna Scotti

David Nato                                                             Margot Sinclair

Grant Norwood

Wyatt Tuman

Nick Whitman

Mason Yun

Anthony  Zazworskey