Welcome To Honors Math

***You can reach me at jowsiany@sainthelenaschool.org.*** 


Grade 4 – 

Grade 5 – Module 19 Test on Thursday, 2/29

Grade 6 –  Module 18/19 Quiz on Thursday, 2/29

Grade 7 –  

Grade 8 – Module 17 Test on Wednesday, 2/28

Monday 2/26/24

  • 4th grade:  HW Journal P127-128
    • get test signed
  • 5th grade:  HW Journal P187-188
  • 6th grade:  workbook pg. 613-614 #2-11
  • 7th grade:  workbook pg. 543-544 – all except for #3
  • 8th grade: word problems Area/Integer page – #4, 5, 6, 11, 12 and #2 (Projectile page) – Try your best – some are tricky!

Tuesday 2/27/24

  • 4th grade:  HW Journal P187-188
    • keep practicing your flash cards
  • 5th grade:  HW Journal P183-186 ODDS only
  • 6th grade:  Practice Test
    • quiz on Thursday
  • 7th grade:  text pg. 577-578
  • 8th grade:  finish Practice Test and study for Module 17 test tomorrow

Wednesday 2/28/24

  • 4th grade:  HW Journal P177-178
    • keep practicing your flash cards
  • 5th grade:  Practice Test; study for Module 19 Assessment tomorrow
  • 6th grade:  IXL Quiz (linked on Google Classroom) due tomorrow
    • study for quiz tomorrow
  • 7th grade:   finish IXL Quiz from class
  • 8th grade:   none due to test

Thursday 2/29/24 – NO Homework due to Terra Nova/In-View Testing tomorrow

*Reminders* –Students in grades 6-8 should have calculators for school AND home use.

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      -for all grade levels

Honors Math Program admission for the 2023-2024 School Year                                                                

  • The protocol for accepting students into this program includes the following:
  • Standardized testing grades (Terra Nova):
    • Math: composite score of 90% or above
      • > 70 in all areas of math in the Objective Skills Index (on Terra Nova)
    • CSI (InView testing): In the range of 125 (118 or above)
    • Reading: composite score of 80% or above
  • Final grades in math:
    • From third grade entering the program in fourth grade: VG or O
    • From fourth grade entering the program in fifth grade: 93 or above.
  • Final grades in reading: 85 (G) or above for all students
  • Teacher Recommendation
  • Effort grades – 4
  • Participation in the Honors Math Program is contingent upon the approval of the Archdiocesan Mathematics Committee.
  • Students not meeting the above criteria will not be admitted into the program without approval. Some students may be invited to join the program on a probationary basis if they meet some, but not all, criteria.
  • *** In order to remain in Honors Math class, each student must maintain at least an 85 average (end of year average).  ***