Home & School board for 2022-2023:

Leigh Anne Lonergan – President Kristin Hillsley
Christie Viscanti – Vice President Jessica Lagreca
Kate Boyle – Secretary
Megan Whelan – Treasurer

Sara Mann
Colleen Lunsford
Colleen Mallozzi
Heather Austin
Daisy Richardson
Ehren Baxter
Jessica Romano
Kathleen Dalhoff
Jennifer Sabo
Moira Durkin
Renee Seaman
Kathryn Farrell
Maura Trainor
Maureen Garvey
Megan Zazworskey
Jenna Giagnacova
Mary Guckert

2022 – 2023 Event and Activity Descriptions

Volunteer Opportunities are available for all events. Please feel free to email the contact prior to the event if you are looking to help!


On Friday, October 7th, Grades Kindergarten to 8 will walk a loop from the SHS gymnasium to Center Square Park to celebrate the new school year together! Pre-K children walk around the front of the school grounds.

Fundraiser: Family, friends & local businesses can sponsor your child to raise awareness and funds to support our SRTEAM Fund. This is a major fundraiser and will benefit our children & families!

Additional Information: Donations can be made to SHS Home & School Venmo (@SHS_HSA) or by check. Sponsor sheets are provided via email so that donations can be made prior to this fundraising event- keep an eye out.

SHS Walk-a-thon 2022 flyer and pledge sheet

· DATE: October 7, 2022
· Who takes part: All school PK3-8
· Event fundraising for school’s STREAM program – not a Home and School fundraising event
· Board Contact: Kristin Hillsley – khillsley@rwbaird.com

Parent Social

Join fellow SHS parents for a night out Saturday, February 11th 7-11pm. The event will include an auction benefiting St Helena School. More details coming soon!

Sponsorships will be available so stay tuned for corporate and family sponsor opportunities.

· DATE: February 11, 2023 @ 7:00-11:00
· Who: Parents and friends of SHS families.
· Volunteer Opportunities: Prior event planning with committee. Day of: Set up after school, online auction assistance.
· Large School fundraiser · Board Contact: Leigh Anne Lonergan (lalonergan08@gmail.com) and Christie Viscanti (christie.viscanti@gmail.com)

Memorial Day

A school event where we celebrate the lives of Erin, John, Landon, and Kellan with a mass and an outside school ceremony.

· Date and Time of event or duration of activity: TBD
· Who: PK3-8
· Not a fundraising event

Simple Supper

Fun for all family Members. Community based event that raises funds for a worthy cause that will be identified prior to the event. Evening begins with Mass and is followed by a Simple Supper of soup and bread. A collection will be taken during supper to support the chosen cause and your donations are greatly appreciated.

Additional Information: Please RSVP to this event to ensure that there will be enough soup made. RSVP forms will be sent out in the Friday email. This is a donation event for those in need.

· Date and Time of Event/Duration of Activity: November 21, 2022
· Who: All family and friends of students PK3-8
· Volunteer Opportunities: Prior to: set-up, food donation (for soup), water donation, pick up bread. During: set-up during Mass, serving soup during supper, collecting donation. Service hours available for 6th and 7th graders
· This is not a major school fundraiser.
· Board Contact: Christie Viscanti- Christie.viscanti@gmail.com

Saint Patrick’s Day Bingo

Bring the luck of the Irish with you to this family-fun filled evening held in the SHS gym. Pizza can be pre-ordered & bake sale items will be available for purchase. Several rounds of bingo will be called with prizes for the winners!

· Date and Time: March 17, 2023
· Who: PreK 3 – 8, Family and friends
· Volunteer Opportunities: Prior event planning with committee. Day of: Set up after school, Bake Table Contributions, Bake Tables Sales, check in, and Clean up
· Large School fundraiser
· Board Contact:
Meg Whelan – Megwhelan@yahoo.com and Maureen Garvey (maureengarvey12@gmail.com)

Teacher Appreciation Day

Teachers give us so much. A boost of confidence when we really need one. Extra help when we are having trouble. A welcoming presence when everything else seems out of control. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough; we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to share our appreciation for the special educators in our lives.

· Date and Time: TBD
· Who: All teachers PK3-8
· Volunteer Opportunities: Home and School Board run event
· Board Contact: Jennifer Sabo – jenniferjsabo@gmail.com

Pastries with Parents

This is a school fundraiser. Parents and children enjoy doughnuts, cakes, and beverages together in the cafeteria and Soc/Rec Center before school.

· DATE: May 17, 2023
· Who takes part: All school PK3-8
· Volunteer Opportunities Prior to: Set-up of tables. Day of: Greeters, food and beverage servers, clean-up crew (Preferably moms so that dads may enjoy the event).
· Additional Information: No RSVP required, per family cost is paid at the door, children proceed to classrooms at conclusion of event. Backpacks and students belonging are to be dropped off in classroom before arriving in rec. center for the event.
· School fundraiser.
· Board Contact: Colleen Lunsford (colleenmiles@yahoo.com)

Father-Daughter Dance

This event is a school fundraiser. An evening of dancing, photos, and fun for all girls PK3 through 8th grade and their father figures.

Additional Information: Invitations and response cards are sent home from school. Dress for this event is Sunday best for the girls and a jacket for the Dads. The cost for this event is per family.

· Date and Time of Event/Duration of Activity: 4/22/23
· Who: Girls PK3-8 and their father figures.
· Volunteer Opportunities: Prior to: joining the planning committee, decorations, invitations and response tracking and overall event planning. Day of: decorating, donation of snacks for Dads and Daughters, set-up for evening and organizing; Check-in. After: clean-up
· Board Contact: Katie Farrell (katiefarrell@gmail.com)

Mother Son Event

This is a School fundraiser.

· Date and Time of Event/Duration of Activity: TBD
· Who: All students PK3-8 boys and their Moms/mother figures are invited
· Volunteer Opportunities: help with ticket distribution, Snack stand, and event set up
· School fundraiser
· Board Contact:
Heather Austin – chaustin@hotmail.com

May Fair

Student Favorite! Weather permitting, the back lot is transformed into a fair filled with fun, games, and food/treats for the students. If it rains, the May Fair is held in the Rec Center and Cafeteria. We recommend that students purchase tickets prior to the event, but they can also purchase them that day. Funds raised from this event are typically applied to an identified need. Donations for prizes are an essential element of this event. Donations can be as little as a $5 gift card, game, arts and craft supplies, etc.

· Date and Time of event or duration of activity: June 2, 2023 during school day
· Who: PreK 3 – 8
· Volunteer Opportunities: **Prior to: May Fair Committee (help with planning and organization of event), Set up on the evening prior and morning of. Day of: Early morning set-up, game booth volunteers, Prize Table, Food Tables, Lunch crew, Clean up
· Large School fundraiser
Board Contact: Kate Boyle (kpboyle820@gmail.com)