Thank you for visiting the COVID-19 updates page

On this page you will find links to guidelines developed by the Health and Safety Task Force as well as important COVID-19 related news and updates.

Click here for our quick reference guide for COVID-19 quarantine procedures related to the identification of a positive case, including how close contacts, class mates and siblings need to adjust daily routines.

For instructions and screenshots showing you how to use the online assessment tool, please see our document on the symptom assessment tool and drop off procedure.

To check if the symptoms your child has may be related to COVID-19 click here. COVID19-symptoms

For a listing of Montgomery County Testing locations click here. Montgomery County Testing Locations

  • Same day appointments are available.
    • to make an appointment call 610-970-2937
    • testing sites open at 8:30 for appointments and phone calls
  • Anyone who wants a test can get a test
    • you do not need to have symptoms to be tested at a county site
    • you do not need a doctor’s order
    • Any one of any age, including children can be tested
  • Tests are offered free of charge
    • If you have insurance you will be asked to provide it, but you will not be charged for the test
  • Results are guaranteed within 24-36 hours

The Montgomery County DOH return to school guidelines can be found here. when you can return to school

Saint Helena School Back to School Guide January 4, 2021

SHS School Mass Guidelines

SHS Classroom Celebration Guidelines

SHS Halloween Celebration Guidelines