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Montgomery CountyPennsylvania

County Community Transmission
May 19, 2022
  • Case per 100k – 281.26
  • Hospital Admissions per 100K-10.4

source: MCOPH COVID Data Hub

Montgomery County Testing Sites and Information

K-12 School recommendations

A full breakdown of all Montgomery County COVID-19 cases can be found on the COVID-19 Data Hub

COVID Alert PA Mobile App.

St. Helena COVID updates

Current SHS COVID-19 case data as of 5/20/2022

Current Active Cases* – 4

Quarantined close contacts- 2

Rolling 14 day case count -11

SHS 14 day positivity rate – 0.02 or 2.48%

*A case is considered active if the student was in school during their infectious period and is still completing the mandatory 5 day isolation period.

Current Isolation Quarantine Guidelines as of 1/3/2022

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be excluded from school for 5 days after the onset of symptoms or the date of specimen collection if asymptomatic.
    • Students may return to school on day 6 as long as they have been fever free for 24 hours and respiratory symptoms are resolving.
    • A negative test is not required to return.
  • Students who are close contacts to a positive case must quarantine for 5 days after there last exposure to the positive case.
    • Exposure to a positive case occurs 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms until the positive individual is released from isolation.
    • SHS requires all students to quarantine after exposure, regardless of vaccination status.
    • Household contacts with ongoing exposure, meaning the positive individuals are unable to isolate themselves from other family members, must remain at home during the positive individuals isolation period, PLUS an additional 5 days to complete their own quarantine.
    • Close contacts may return to school after their 5 day quarantine period is complete as long as they have remained symptoms free and have not tested positive.
    • A negative test is not required to return to school for asymptomatic students.

To learn more about isolation and quarantine click here

Please use this link to view the must update MCOPH COVID-19 School Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

Click here for our quick reference guide for COVID-19 quarantine procedures related to the identification of a positive case, including how close contacts, class mates and siblings need to adjust daily routines.

To be directed to the Montgomery County Office of Public Health testing page click the link below.

Montgomery County Testing Information and Registration

  • Same day appointments are available.
  • Anyone who wants a test can get a test
    • you do not need to have symptoms to be tested at a county site
    • you do not need a doctor’s order
    • Any one of any age, including children can be tested
  • Tests are offered free of charge
    • If you have insurance you will be asked to provide it, but you will not be charged for the test
  • Results are typically received in 2-3 business days.

Taking actions to lower the risk of COVID-19 spread

COVID-19 is mostly spread by respiratory droplets released when people talk, cough, or sneeze. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own eyes, nose, or mouth. Therefore, personal prevention practices (such as handwashingstaying home when sick) and environmental cleaning and disinfection are important!

In order to help our school remain open, it is important to adopt and diligently implement actions to slow the spread of COVID-19 inside the school and out in the community.  This means that students, families, teachers, school staff, and all community members take actions to protect themselves and others where they live, work, learn, and play.