Students may purchase the following stationery items at the store of their choice. 

Please bring all supplies in on the first day of school.


1     Multi-pocket accordion folder with labels for subjects (not a big binder)

1 1-inch binder for papers for ELA

1 pack of dividers with white loose leaf paper for ELA binder

2-3 Folders for some special subjects/topics

1 pencil case with a good supply of blue/black pens, red pens, highlighters, pencils, small glue stick, scotch tape dispenser

1 SMALL art box with (please bring NEW) crayons, colored pencils, sharpies, markers, scissors, large glue sticks, liquid glue. For MAY, each student should bring a small container of rubber cement for gratitude dinner activities.

2 boxes of tissues

1 Clorox wipes

1 paper towel

Pens and pencils are to be re-supplied when needed. Copybooks and homework tablet must be purchased from St. Helena in September. Thank you!