June 28, 2018

Dear SHS Families,

This day is too important to me to let it pass without a final farewell! As I conclude this chapter, so many wonderful memories float around me! Far too many to write here – a few highlights: The Horse Show and preparing Funnel Cakes; The Christmas Shows in the “Old Church”; Father Coates, Head of Maintenance, Lawn and Garden; the “old school” heating system, everyone had very warm feet; the gutting of the classrooms in the Convent under the “dark of night”! Father Nicolo’s arrival – the beginnings of TWO capital campaigns; Groundbreaking for the “New” Church and the Gym (also known as the (Social and Recreation Center); the beginning of a long-awaited classroom space in school in what was the “temporary church” that served us well for over fifty years! The Dedication of the GYM; the Dedication of the New Church; the dedication of new classrooms in what was the church and the dedication of the “Bump-out”, our present Library, Art Room, Computer Lab and Faculty Room! And most importantly, the hundreds of children who have walked these halls in the last thirty years. Their faces so fresh in my memory! Certainly, each and every child who has entered this building over the last thirty years, has left their hand-print on my heart! These are just a few “outstanding memories”!
What is everlasting for me is the abounding love that circulates in this building – the love of Families, Children, Teachers, Volunteers, Grandparents, etc! This love captures the power of our Loving God, who is the giver of all good things and who enables all things to be possible!

If you wish to stay in touch, my email is: catheshoulberg@gmail.com

Be assured you will be remembered in my prayer each day. Please, pray for me that I may be open to hearing God’s voice lead me to a new area of service as I continue to question: “How can I repay the Kindness of our God?

With love and gratitude,

Sister Cathe