Students may purchase the following stationary items at the store of their choice. 

Please bring all supplies in on the first day of school.

1               Pack of crayons (no larger than a 24-pack)

Many        #2 non-mechanical pencils

2               Erasers

1               Zippered pencil case

1               Smock or T-shirt

1               Activity or coloring book

1 or 2       Picture/story books

1 or 2       Clear contact paper rolls (enough to cover 8 workbooks)

1               Pack of markers (fat or skinny)

1               Elmer’s White School Glue

1 or 2       Elmer’s Glue Stick (1 large or 2 small)

3               Bottom-pocket folders

1               Child safety scissors

1               Box of tissues

1               Roll of paper towels

1               container of disinfecting wipes

***Art box will be provided at school.