When a person has some extra “Think Time” available, it gives one the opportunity to be overwhelmed with gratitude! This particular person is no exception to that standard.  The time has come to publically express my gratitude.  During this time of surgery, Physical Therapy and recuperation, the overwhelming emotion is one of pure gratitude.  Having a fourth joint replaced, this time a knee, I am  very grateful that I have only two knees and two hips – and that now, all four have gone through the replacement process!  Whew!!

First line of thanks goes to living in a place within close proximity to excellent medical facilities and physicians! Rothman Institute, Jefferson Hospital, Dr. William Hozack, and his medial entourage get a “First Place” prize for excellence – their outstanding skills and their commitment to the mission of compassionate care and support throughout the process is exceptional!

The dedicated staff of Blue Bell Physical Therapy works steadfastly and gently to bring the repaired joints into first rate functioning – trust me, that is no small accomplishment!!

Then, the utter gratitude to be part of a caring, thoughtful, beyond generous Community – this is the “Piece de Resistance”!! This amazing Saint Helena Parish Community is sheer gift.  Their well-developed thoughtful, kind-hearted, lavish care goes beyond all measure.  Where does one begin to express heart-felt emotion that conveys the depth of one’s being???  I was taught to start at the top – and then, just keep on going!!  So that is what will happen here!  Msgr. Nicolo – has been there to offer support, compassion, humor and caring – Fathers Gorka and Szparagowski are right there along the journey as part of a winning team!  The SHS Family, there is no other like them – they have been and continue to provide friendship, transportation, magnificent meals, greetings of encouragement, blueberry pancakes and Starbucks tea, the “best ever” cheese steaks, Panera lunches, housekeeping chores, grocery store trips, light hearts and even tissues when needed!  Could anyone even begin to ask for more?  NEVER a need to ask, there just seems to be an innate knowledge to “show up” at the exact right time, with the exact right sentiments to allow one to carry on!  This has left me speechless (that is no easy accomplishment!!)

And then there are the children, whose voices filled with laughter, carry throughout the convent to bring a joy that is indescribable! Along with original cards that touch the very core of a person’s being!

And certainly last, but far from least, my Family and the Sisters of Mercy, so entwined it is hard to distinguish one from the other! There is something extraordinary when an early AM phone call filled with opposing political insights gets one’s body in gear for the day!!  That can only be from a brother who loves to instigate trouble!!  The Sisters of Mercy … words could not begin to delve the depth of their constant presence, drop-ins, words of encouragement, acceptance of stubborn decisions and steadfast love!

What does all of this mean? That our most loving, merciful God has been experienced in full measure through the acts of kindness of ever so many.  I believe with every fiber of my being, that God speaks to us through every day experiences – God has truly spoken to me – and that gentle voice of God, through all of these magnificent people mentioned, has taken root in the very core of my being.

With deep love and a heart overflowing with gratitude, I wish you time brimming with blessings!


Sister Cathe