Congratulations to the following students who are members of the Archdiocesan Honor Band. They will be performing a concert with 90 other Elementary Honor Band members at Cardinal O’Hara High School on Feb. 7th.

This Honor Band will also be performing at the Concert of Excellence at the Kimmel Center on April 21.

We also congratulate Gianna Inforzato who has auditioned and became a member of the Archdiocesan Festival Band (grades 4 and 5) along with 60 other Archdiocesan students.  She will be performing in a special concert at Archbishop Ryan High School on March 8th.

St. Helena School is so proud of their hard work and dedication!

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Ed Stimson, Santiago Sanchez, Robert Hoffmann, Nicholas Cheeseman.
Gianna Inforzato, Mr. Ed Stimson

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