The following 8th Grade Students have qualified as Johns Hopkins Scholars!
The criteria to be named as a Johns Hopkins Scholar is earning a 95% or above in a normed standardized test. The test used at SHS is the Terra Nova Test, produced by McGraw Hill Company. The qualifying children achieved at or above 95%, which indicated that they scored in the top five percent of the nation. We are so very proud of their accomplishments.
Alex Banmiller
Eva Bones
CeeCee Cherico
Liam Dougherty
Brandon Giampalmi
Ava Hoffman
Tommy Hutton
Chris Janssen
Lona Bella Krebs
Drew Krumenacker
Ryan Krumenacker
Megan Maransky
Ryan Marler
Kylie McFadden
Grace Niekelski
Brendan Pierlott
Aidan Rietzke
Gabby Rolley
Chloe Routt
Katie Shapiro
Lilly Stack
Maddie Tronoski
Jack Wagner
Charlotte Zulick
While making this announcement, we want to recognize and name the teachers who have been involved in the lives of these students and have helped them achieve this amazing level of success!
Mrs. Rene Ryan, Mrs. Colette Dougherty, Mrs. Denise Rose Britt, Mrs. Kerri Sepich, Mrs. Becky Wagner and Mrs. Karen Holder.
From all of us at Saint Helena we congratulations and honor these students and their teachers!
With love and God’s blessings,
Sister Cathe