Students may purchase the following stationery items at the store of their choice. 

All supplies are to be labeled with student’s name and brought in on the first day of school.


1     Pack of 8 broad tip washable Crayola markers

2     Jumbo glue sticks

1     Pack of white, unlined 3 X 5 index cards

1     School bag (no wheels, please)

1     Lunch box

1     Container of hand wipes

1     Container of Clorox wipes

1     Small, reusable plastic cup

1     Coloring book (for indoor recess)

1     Crayola washable watercolor paint set (8 colors)

1     Art smock or tee shirt

1      Box of tissues

1      1-2 ounce personal hand sanitizers

1      Roll of paper towels

1      Box of quart size Ziploc bags with slider (Boys only)

1      Box of snack sized baggies (Girls only)