Welcome to First Grade- 1R!

Welcome Back!

Monday, June 6– Thursday, June 9 

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ELA: Week at a Glance- This link will give an overview of each week’s skills.  This week is Lesson 30.


Monday, June 6

  1. Religion- please study the Hail Mary.
  2. Math- Lesson 18.1 p. 191-192

Tuesday, June 7

Tonight is our last night of homework!

  1. Religion- please study the Hail Mary.
  2. Math- Lesson 18.2 p. 193-194
  3. Reminder: Friday, June 10th– College Shirt Dress Down Day

Class List (2021-2022 School Year)


Boys                                                             Girls
Matthew Boyle                                       Annie Borelli
Vicenzo Oliveira                                     Aria Darr
Henry O’Reilly                                        Annelise John
Dylan Piano                                            Madison Mallozzi
William Traver                                       Lena Pedicino
Jude Ventre                                          Samantha Slizofski                                                                                                                                           Andi Stanton                                                                                                                                                Lacey Trotter                                                                                                                                              Jaslynne Torres

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Specials Schedule

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Words to Know

Unit 1- Around the Neighborhood

Friendship                                                                           Neighborhoods

and                                                                                         all

be                                                                                           does

you                                                                                         here

help                                                                                        me
play                                                                                         my

with                                                                                        who

Weather                                                                               At the Zoo

for                                                                                          friend

have                                                                                       full

he                                                                                           good

look                                                                                        hold

too                                                                                          many

what                                                                                      pull








Unit 2 – Sharing Time

Traditional Stories                                                              Writing

away                                                                                      after

call                                                                                          draw

come                                                                                      pictures

every                                                                                     read

hear                                                                                       was

said                                                                                        write

Animal Communications                                                   Feelings       

animal                                                                                   eat

how                                                                                        give

make                                                                                      one

of                                                                                            put

some                                                                                      small

why                                                                                        take









Unit 3 – Nature Near and Far

Marine Habitats                                                                goes

blue                                                                                        green

cold                                                                                        grow

far                                                                                           new

little                                                                                        open

live                                                                                          yellow

their                                                                                       Citizenship

water                                                                                     four

where                                                                                    five

Jungle Animals                                                                   into

been                                                                                       over

brown                                                                                   starts

know                                                                                     three

never                                                                                     two

off                                                                                           watch

out                                                                                          Animals

own                                                                                        bird                            or

very                                                                                        both                           those

Seasons                                                                                eyes                           walk

down                                                                                     fly

fall                                                                                          long


Unit 4- Exploring Together

Astronauts                                                                          ground

around                                                                                  right

because                                                                                sometimes

before                                                                                   these

bring                                                                                      under

carry                                                                                      your

light                                                                                        History

show                                                                                      done

think                                                                                      great

Ways to Travel                                                                   laugh

about                                                                                     paper

by                                                                                           soon

car                                                                                          talk

could                                                                                      were

don’t                                                                                      work

maybe                                                                                   Feelings

sure                                                                                        door                           use

there                                                                                      more                          want

Agriculture                                                                          mother                      wash

first                                                                                        old

food                                                                                       try


Unit 5 – Watch Us Grow

Gardens                                                                    began

few                                                                             boy

night                                                                          father

loudly                                                                         house

window                                                                     nothing

noise                                                                          together

story                                                                          Life Cycle

shall                                                                           ready

world                                                                         country

Animals                                                                    soil

baby                                                                           kinds

begins                                                                        earth

eight                                                                           almost

follow                                                                          covers

learning                                                                     warms

until                                                                            Learning about Our Country

years                                                                          buy                 please

young                                                                        city                 school

Pets                                                                           family               seven

again                                                                          myself

along                                                                          party


Unit 6 – Three Cheers for Us!

Visual Arts                                                               cried

above                                                                        head

bear                                                                           heard

even                                                                           large

pushed                                                                      second

studied                                                                      should

surprised                                                                  Insects

teacher                                                                      caught

toward                                                                      took

Trying Hard                                                             listen

always                                                                       thought

different                                                                   minute

enough                                                                      beautiful

happy                                                                                    idea

high                                                                            friendship

near                                                                           Teamwork

once                                                                           brothers                   only

stories                                                                       everyone                  people

Weather                                                                   field                            sorry

across                                                                                    loved

ball                                                                             most

Click here to view the prayers that we will be learning throughout the school year. More will be added as they are introduced to the class.

Grade 1- Religion Facts

Chapter 1- God is Our Father

  1. Creation is everything God made.
  2. The Bible is the book of God’s Word.
  3. God created all people to know and love Him.
  4. God did not create everyone to be exactly alike.
  5. God promises to love us always.
  6. Saint Francis of Assisi took care of God’s creation, especially the animals.

Chapter 2- We Believe in the Blessed Trinity

  1. The Blessed Trinity is One God in Three Persons.
  2. The Sign of the Cross is a prayer to the blessed Trinity.
  3. Prayer is listening and talking to God.
  4. We pray to God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit when we pray the Sign of the Cross.

11.There is only one God.

12. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Chapter 3- Jesus Grew up in a Family

13. We call Jesus, Mary, and Joseph the Holy Family.

14. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

15. When Jesus was growing up, the Holy Family lived in Nazareth.

16. We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas.

17. Mary always did what God asked her to do.

18. Mary is the mother of God’s only Son, Jesus.

Chapter 4- Jesus Works Among the People

  1. Jesus’ cousin is John the Baptist.
  2. John was getting the people ready to welcome Jesus into their lives.
  3. Zacchaeus was a man who lived in Jericho and climbed a tree to see and listen to Jesus.
  4. Jesus told Zacchaeus about God’s love when he came to his house.
  5. When we believe in someone’s love for us, we trust them.
  6. Jesus taught everyone about God’s love.

Chapter 5- Jesus Teaches Us about Love

25. Commandments are laws or rules given to us by God to help us live as God wants us to.

  1. The Great Commandment is: “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
  2. Jesus taught us that all people are our neighbors.
  3. The Good Samaritan helped someone who was hurt.
  4. We show God our love when we love ourselves.

Chapter 8- Jesus Had Many Followers

30. Jesus invited people to be His followers.

31. The Apostles were the twelve men Jesus chose to lead his followers.

  1. Jesus taught His followers the Lord’s Prayer.
  2. We also call the Lord’s Prayer the Our Father.
  3. Lord is another name for God and Jesus.
  4. Jesus often prayed to God the Father.

Chapter 9- Jesus Died and Rose to New Life

36. Jesus is our Good Shepherd.

37. Hosanna is a word of praise we pray at Mass. It is the word people used to praise Jesus as he entered Jerusalem.

38. Jesus taught in the Temple in Jerusalem.

39. The Temple was the holy place in Jerusalem where the Jewish people prayed.

40. Jesus died so all people could live in God’s love.

41. Easter Sunday is the special day we celebrate Jesus Christ rose to new life. We pray Alleluia, another word of praise.

Chapter 10- Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit

42. We celebrate Pentecost fifty days after Easter Sunday.

43. Pentecost is the day the Holy Spirit came to Jesus’ followers.

44. Glory to the Father is a prayer to the Blessed Trinity.

45. Jesus returned to God the Father.

46. The Holy Spirit helps Jesus’ followers to teach about Jesus.

47. A picture of a flame or a dove reminds of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 11- The Holy Spirit Helps the Church to Grow

48.The Church began on Pentecost. It is the birthday of the Church.

49. The Church is all the people who believe in Jesus and follow His teachings.

50. On June 29, the Church honors Saint Peter and Saint Paul. We remember that Peter and Paul helped the Church to grow.

51. The Holy Spirit helps the Church to grow.

52. The Holy Spirit helps us to live as Jesus taught us.

Chapter 12- The Church Serves

  1. The name Peter means Rock.
  2. The apostles were the first leaders of the church.
  3. Saint Peter was our first Pope- the leader of the whole Church.
  4. Bishops take the place of the apostles today.
  5. Bishops lead and take care of the people in their diocese.
  6. The Pope is the Bishop of Rome in Italy. He takes care of the whole Church all over the world.
  7. The Pope lives in the Vatican in Rome, Italy. The Vatican is called Saint Peter’s.

Chapter 15- We Belong to a Parish

60. A parish is a group of Catholics who join together to share God’s love.

61. Our parish joins together to celebrate God’s love and to worship Him.

62. The leader of our parish is called the pastor.

63. Our parish is like a family.

64. Worship means to give God thanks and praise.

65. Other leaders in the parish work with the pastor, too.

Chapter 16- We Celebrate the Sacraments

66. Jesus gave us seven special signs of God’s life and love called sacraments.

67. A sacrament is a special sign given to us by Jesus.

68. The seven sacraments are Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, Confirmation, Matrimony, Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick.

69. We use the gifts of God’s creation during the celebration of the sacraments.:

70.. We use water and oil to bless us.

71. Light reminds us that Jesus is with us.

72. Bread made from wheat and wine made from grapes are used.

Chapter 17- The Church Welcomes New Members

73. Baptism is the sacrament in which we become children of God and members of the Church. It is the first sacrament we receive.

74. Some people are baptized when they are babies. Others are baptized later. Older children or adults are usually baptized at a celebration on the night before Easter Sunday.

75. Water is a sign of life God gives us. It is an important sign of Baptism. Water is poured on us or we are placed in water.

76. At Baptism God gives us a share in His life called grace.

77. Grace helps us grow as followers of Jesus.

78. The priest baptizes us in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

79. We wear white at Baptism to remind us to live as a follower of Jesus.

80. A candle is used at Baptism to remind us to always walk in the light of Christ.

Chapter 18- We Are Followers of Jesus

81. Jesus is the Light of the World.

82. When we were baptized, we received the light of Christ. We became followers of Jesus.

83. Jesus wants us to be peacemakers. A peacemaker is someone who works for peace. We say and do kind things for others.

84. God made us so that we can make choices. We can choose to make loving choices or choose to do wrong.

85. Pope Pius X was a peacemaker. When he found out countries were going to be in a war, he met with the leaders of these countries to try and stop them from fighting. He wanted all countries to get along.

Chapter 19- We Celebrate God’s Forgiveness

86. God is like the forgiving father in the story of the Prodigal Son.

87. God always forgives us if we are truly sorry.

88. Jesus wants us to follow God’s laws.

89. In the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation we receive God’s forgiveness and peace.

90. It is important to forgive others. We usually celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation in our parish church.

Chapter 22- Jesus Gives Us the Eucharist

91. We call the last meal Jesus shared with His Apostles in Jerusalem the Last Supper.

  1. Jesus gave His Apostles the gift of Himself at the Last Supper. The bread and wine became the Body and Blood of Jesus.
  2. The Eucharist is the sacrament of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. The word Eucharist means to give thanks. We thank God for His many gifts.
  4. The Mass is another name for the celebration of the Eucharist. The Mass is the Church’s greatest celebration.
  5. Every Saturday night or Sunday we gather as a parish to celebrate Mass. The priest leads us in the celebration of the Mass.

Chapter 23- We Celebrate the Mass

97. The most important time our parish comes together is for Sunday Mass.

98. The Bible is the book of God’s Word.

99. At Sunday Mass we listen to three readings from the Bible.

  1. We stand for the Gospel reading read by the deacon or priest.
  2. The Gospel is the Good News about Jesus and His teachings.
  3. The altar is the table of the Lord.
  4. Amen means Yes, I believe.
  5. We get ready to receive Jesus in Holy Communion by praying the Our Father.

Chapter 24- We Share God’s Love

  1. Jesus showed us how to love and serve God and others. We do this when we share God’s love with our families and friends.
  2. Prayer is listening and talking to God.
  3. Singing is praying twice.
  4. We grow closer to God when we pray.
  5. We can use our own words to pray.
  6. Jesus wants us to pray often.

Chapter 25- We Honor Mary and the Saints

  1. Mary is the most important Saint. She is the Mother of the Church.
  2. We honor Mary in different ways to celebrate her feast days.
  3. The special prayer to honor Mary is the Hail Mary.
  4. Saints are followers of Jesus who have died and now live forever with God.
  5. Saint Anne was the mother of Mary.
  6. Saint Katherine Drexel began schools for Native American and African American children.
  7. Saint Francis Xavier taught the people of India to know God.
  8. Saint Teresa of Avila wrote books and letters to help people love Jesus.
  9. We honor all Saints on the Feast of All Saints- November 1.

Chapter 26- We Care for the Gifts of God’s Creation

  1. When God created people, He told them to watch over the animals.
  2. God created each one of us. No two people in the world are exactly alike.
  3. We can show God our thanks for the gift of life by taking care of ourselves.
  4. The world is God’s gift to all people.
  5. Jesus told us to treat others the way we want to be treated.
  6. All of us are important to God so we should respect all people.