We are very delighted to announce that twenty of our 2016 – 2017 Seventh Grade students qualified as Neumann Scholars.  The criteria for this award is quite rigorous:  Based on the Terra Nova standardized test, given in March, the child must obtain a National Percentile (NP) Total Score of 90* OR a Cognitive Skills Index (buzzword for an IQ) of 120 (Average CSI’s are 90 – 110; this would be the average CSI of an incoming Freshman in College) in the seventh grade Terra Nova Test combined with an academic average of 92 in the final marking period of 7th grade confirms a child’s eligibility.  (*Just a footnote on the total score, the average total score for these twenty students was 97%.)

The qualifying students are:

RJ Alessandrini Mara Howard
Juliana Bachand Andy Lynch
Joseph Bushner Sean McManus
Michael Boyle Alaina McVeigh
Caroline Caputo Reynold McWilliams
Grace Cheeseman Paige Moore
Joey DeLello Matt Morrissey
Rachael Doxtader Matt Morrow
Katie Gundlach Jack Repko
Jack Hasson Noah Ross

 A note of special gratitude to the teachers of these students from Pre K onward.  Without their professional expertise, their belief in each child entrusted to their care, and their capacity to “raise the bar” of expectations, we may not have achieved the number of outstanding students eligible for this honor!

Together, let’s pray for ALL OF OUR STUDENTS, that they may reach their God given potential and strive to make our World, in the image of our God;  a more loving, hospitable, kinder, compassionate place to be!