Students may purchase the following stationery items at the store of their choice. 

All supplies are to be labeled with student’s name and brought in on the first day of school.


1          Scotch Tape dispenser roll (any brand)

5-7       Red pens or pencils

8-10     Sharpened #2 pencils

2          Pink erasers

1          Clear, plastic art box (no larger than a shoe box)

1          Box of crayons (must fit in art box)

1          Pack of thin markers

1          Pack of thick markers

2-3       Highlighters

1          Art smock or over-sized old shirt (label with name)

1          Jumbo book sock

3          Dry erase markers (any color)

1          Small, soft pencil case for desk

1          3 X 3 100 sheet Post-it Pad

1          Pack of Post-it Page Markers

2-3      Large glue sticks

1          Bottle of liquid school glue (like Elmer’s)

1          Pack of index cards

1          Kid’s scissors (like Fiskar’s)

1          Roll of paper towels

1          Container of Lysol Wipes

1          Box of tissues

1-2      activity or coloring books (for inside recess) optional

1          Black marble copybook

1          12 inch wooden ruler with centimeters