Yesterday, February 22, 2016, we received a report from MATHLETICS of our school’s improvement.  And do we have GREAT news!  The top FIVE students from our school are:

Ava Gonnella: 3-O

Nate Arnold: 4-C

Brynn Bogle:  2-H

Alex Durski: 1-B

Veronica Cherico:  5-S (Honors Math)20160223_102237-1_resized

These five students have attempted over seventy new Math concepts and have mastered 98% of them!

Congratulations to Veronica, Nate, Ava, Alex and Brynn and their Math teachers!

Overall, all of our SHS students have grown in Math!  According to their work in Mathletics, their first average score was at 72.9% – their final average score was 94.2%.  Our SHS students have improved over 28.6%!  We are so very proud of our students and grateful to their teachers that we have made this improvement in Math!